Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot

The Model R2 is a mobile manipulation robot optimized for material handling and task completion.

Powered by our exclusive Qai Integrated Automation Platform, the R2 merges precision robotics with flexible mobility – delivering superior manipulation, intelligent adaptability, and enhanced traceability for unmatched efficiency in dynamic, regulation-compliant environments.

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AMR Robots + AI Intelligence + Cloud Software

The All-New

Qai Integrated Automation Platform

for Quasi AMR Robots

Quasi Robotics delivers a seamless automation experience, combining intelligent robots, adaptable AI, and centralized control. Transform your operations with the Qai platform, designed for flexibility, optimization, and ease of use.

AMR Robots

Models C2 and R2

Adaptable mobile robots for material flow and task handling

AI Intelligence

Qai Algorithm Bundle

Powerful and traceable AI automation for reliable optimization

Robotic Control Software

Cloud Connect

Intuitive centralized user hub for robot command and data analysis

R2: Redefining the Manipulator Robot Experience

Next Generation of Integrated Automation

The Model R2 is a revolutionary autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and pick-and-place robot in one. It’s engineered to go beyond the limitations of traditional robotic manipulators, seamlessly fitting into your dynamic environment and effortlessly managing even the most complex tasks.

Model R2 Robot in Diagnostics Center

Robot AMR Manipulation Without Restriction

A standard pick-and-place robot is often limited in operation range by the length of its robotic manipulator and gripper or by the circumference of its reach. Manual repositioning of these machines decreases the efficiency their automation provides.

Model R2 is different. With unconstrained, autonomous mobility, it can deploy its material handling function anywhere, anytime — allowing for truly unrestricted range of operation and automation within your facility.

Limitless Cloud Robotics

When it comes to dynamic workflow operations, we know that adaptability is key. A machine designed to automate a specific task may be useful in the short-term, but can fail to evolve alongside your company workflows as the business grows.

With Model R2, you can rely on robotic automation software that improves continuously, with capabilities driven by our advanced Qai machine learning techniques. Discover truly unlimited automation, with intelligence flexible enough to support any workflow, present or future.

Model R2 Robot in Life Science
Cloud Connect showing Model R2 Robot tasks chart

Seamless Robot AMR and System Connectivity

Connection lies at the heart of advancement. Effective communication between our machines and the outside world enables interoperability like never before.

For human users, this means a simple, code-free interface for robot control and clear, graphic dashboard displays of gathered data in our Cloud Connect user interface.

For surrounding machines, this looks like seamless integration between Quasi robots and all external management systems, along with Qai – driven traceability and complete fleet management provided by our Cloud Connect control center — turning Model R2 into a collaborative partner that fits into any environment.

Integrated Automation for Mobile Robot Platforms

Enabled by our Qai Software

What’s inside matters. All Quasi solutions are driven by our propriety Qai robotic software, with advanced intelligence algorithms that enable the navigation, vision, motion, and data compiling abilities of Model R2, along with our app-based Cloud Connect control center that provides complete management and traceability insight into the robotic fleet of the end-user.

Model R2 Robot

Unbound Autonomous Navigation

Model R2 needs no pre-programmed paths or static maps. The autonomous mobile robot Qai intelligence visualizes, maps, and navigates its environment independently: 

  • No Markers, No Modifications:

    Save on expensive facility restructuring — onboard sensors and lasers build a real-time map and constantly monitor the environment for unexpected obstacles, “external markers” are a thing of the past.

  • En-route Learning:

    With each trip, each obstacle detected and each route navigated, the Model R2‘s robotic software automation refines its internal map, and optimizes future journeys for efficiency.

Model R2 robotic arm picking Starbacks coffee can

Choreographed Motion Planning

The Model R2‘s robot manipulator, including its arm and interchangeable end-grippers, move with precision, guided by on-board sensors and intelligence. This ensures:

  • Dynamic Adaptability:

    Shifting workspaces are no challenge for the Model R2. With real-time sensor feedback, its autonomous mobile robot capabilities shine, adjusting movements on the fly and navigating even the most dynamic environments.

  • Unwavering Accuracy:

    Whether handling a delicate lab reagent or loading heavier packages, Model R2 is a manipulator robot that operates with steady precision, minimizing errors and maximizing success.

Model R2 Robot

Depth Perception Through Sight

Model R2 truly sees its environment. Equipped with sophisticated stereo-image cameras, it builds a simulation of its surroundings:

  • Sharp Object Recognition:

    R2’s advanced cameras capture depth and detail, allowing it to accurately identify individual objects and their precise locations within its internal environmental map.

  • Seamless Collaboration:

    The R2 doesn’t just exist in its own bubble. Its visual data seamlessly integrates with your robotics cloud, providing insights to other robots and your operations.

Quasi AI doing Object Detection and detecting objects

Object Identification

The R2 is a master of object manipulation with a memory to match — it continuously learns and refines its grasp and technique:

  • Adaptive Gripper:

    When the R2 recognizes an object mid-task, its gripper seamlessly adjusts, employing past learnings and precise calculations to find the optimal pickup angle and pressure.

  • Ever-Expanding Knowledge:

    With each object encountered, the R2’s onboard robotics software adds to its internal database. This collection of shapes, sizes, and textures, fuels its understanding of the world around it.

Model R2 Robot, front view in grey color

Progressive Learning

With each action, Model R2 gains knowledge and understanding that it shares across your entire fleet of Quasi robots. This allows instantaneous new bot onboarding and ongoing learning that creates better abilities over time.

Cloud Connect showing weekly task statistics chart

Data Compiling and Analysis

Extensive logs of all Model R2 activity is kept by the Cloud Connect. Users are able to access metrics and insights into all robot actions, charging, task assignments, movements, and more, to make better operational decisions.

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Streamlining Material Handling for Autonomous Robots

Life Science

Research, Clinical, Pharmaceutical environments.

Health Care

Hospitals, Healthcare facilities, Nursing homes, Rehabilitation settings.


Retailers, Merchandisers, Grocery Store environments.


Small-scale manufacturing, Warehousing, E-Commerce, Fulfillment environments

Other Industries

Homeland security, Law enforcement, Educational opportunities.

R2 Robot - Basic Specifications

Material picking, processing and handling-related tasks are a reality for operations within all industries. By incorporating Model R2 into your workflow, your facility can eliminate repetitive non-value-added activities from your team’s responsibilities, allowing better performance on more critical tasks, optimization of resources, and operational efficiency.


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