Model R2 AMR:
Autonomous Mobile Manipulator

The Model R2 is a mobile manipulation robot optimized for material handling and task completion.

Powered by our exclusive Q.AI Integrated Automation Platform, the R2 merges precision robotics with flexible mobility – delivering superior manipulation, intelligent adaptability, and enhanced traceability for unmatched efficiency in dynamic, regulation-compliant environments.

All Model R2 Robots in four colors

Model R2 AMR Robot
Material Handling and Object Manipulation

The Model R2 is a revolutionary autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and pick-and-place robot in one.
It’s engineered to go beyond the limitations of traditional robotic manipulators, seamlessly fitting into your dynamic environment and effortlessly managing even the most complex tasks.

R2 Mechanics

Customizable parts, add-ons, grippers, sensors and mobile robot navigation systems

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Q.AI Intelligence

Self-evolving machine learning, object and route recognition, and integration with existing systems

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Cloud Connect

Cloud robotics for central fleet control, data analysis, and code-free task assignment

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Instant Integration for Complete and Adpatable Facility Automation

Integrated AI and Robotics
for Pick and Place Automation

Transform pick-and-place operations and material handling systems with the power of the Q.AI Integrated Automation Platform. The Model R2 combines a mobile robotic manipulator with advanced AI and data science on one central, comprehensive, cloud robotics software application. It delivers seamless workflow integration, real-time data insights, and reduced operational costs.

Model R2 Robot in Diagnostics Center

Industrial Robotic Arm
with Limitless Reach

Standard pick-and-place robots are limited by their fixed robotic arms, often requiring manual repositioning that counters their proposed efficiency in robot material handling applications.

Model R2 is different — its unconstrained autonomous mobility, delivers limitless reach, enabling unrestricted workflow automation for small business and large facilities alike.

Integrated Automation
with Q.AI Intelligence

For custom workflows – adaptability is key. Machines designed for single, specific tasks may work short-term, but limit scalability as your workflows evolve.

With Q.AI Intelligence, Model R2’s versatile AMR automation evolves continuously, via perpetually advancing AI and machine learning.

Seamless integration with existing systems and machines empower R2 to adapt to your changing operational needs — enabling truly unlimited AMR automation for current and future workflow configurations.

Model R2 Robot in Life Science
Cloud Connect showing Model R2 Robot AMR tasks chart during process workflow

Operations and Analysis

Data reveals the hidden story of your operations. The central Cloud Connect robotics command center empowers you to transform data into actionable insights.

Simplify fleet management, visualize operational insights, and optimize workflows with its intuitive, code-free interface. Experience the power of Q.AI Intelligence algorithms as they analyze sensor data, revealing patterns to drive continuous improvement.

Adaptable and Reliable Automation, Housed within Robust Engineering

Advanced AMR Mechanics
Precision Engineering for Optimized Performance

Each piece of R2 hardware is engineered for precision and adaptability. Its robust mechanics, versatile robotic manipulator arm with interchangeable end of arm tooling design, advanced sensors and sophisticated onboard navigation offer optimal reliability and flexibility. Explore the mechanical components that empower Model R2 AMRs to transform your material handling operations.

Robotic Platform

Unlock unmatched robotic agility with Model R2‘s mecanum wheel movement. Its high-torque motors enable instant, omnidirectional movement, empowering intricate maneuvers in tight spaces and streamlining material handling across dynamic environments.

Precise Multidirectional Movement:

  • Navigate sideways, diagonally, or spin in place without turning restrictions
  • High-torque motors power each wheel individually for accurate control and efficient operation

Adaptive to Dynamic Environments:

  • Optimize floorplan efficiency and navigate crowded workspaces with ease.
Model R2 AMR Robot, front view of mecanum wheels powering the mobile robot platform
Model R2 Robot, front view mecanum wheels

Industrial Robot Arm
for Pick and Place Automation

The Model R2’s precision-engineered robotic arm enables both delicate and powerful operations. With its adaptable design and autonomous mobile vehicle base, it delivers unlimited pick-and-place automation range and reliable AMR material handling with the strength and adaptability necessary for dynamic facility workflows.

Manipulator Arm Features:

  • 8 degrees of freedom and 3.2 ft reach creating a truly mobile manipulator
  • High-performance harmonic reducers for reliable precision and brushless servo motors for torque, control, and cost efficiency.
  • Seamless coordination with existing robotic platforms and systems at work in your facility
  • Compact storage in mainframe body when not in use

Interchangeable Grippers
for Custom AMR Automation

“One-size-fit-all” grippers limit your business workflow automation potential — but R2 isn’t confined to a single function.
With the versatile Q.AI Automation System and multiple customizable gripper types, the Model R2 AMR transforms a single fleet into multiple automated handling solutions for laboratories, logistics facilities, and beyond.

Custom EOAT Grippers:

  • Adaptable grippers for custom robotics builds and specialized end-of-arm tooling (EOAT grippers) for limitless automation possibilities.

Tailored to Specific AMR Automation:

  • Customized options range from high-precision vacuums (for intricate lab work) to tools as large as 3.2” in diameter, for flexible facility automation.
Model R2 Robot - Gripper
Front of Model R2 AMR Mobile Material Handling Machine, focusing on stereo depth cameras

Computer Vision System:
Seeing is Automating

Model R2 is equipped with advanced computer vision systems that adapt to lighting conditions ranging from dimly lit warehouses to sun-drenched factories. Its stereo depth vision cameras empower reliable material handling automation without re-calibrations.

Learn and Grow: with Computer Vision and AI

  • R2‘s computer vision constantly expands its onboard artificial intelligence, refining its understanding of the world.
  • This knowledge is instantly shared across all other autonomous mobile robots in R2’s fleet, for lightening fast process automation and performance improvement.

Identify and Respond: with Intelligent Automation

  • Beyond just seeing objects, R2 learns to understand them. It goes beyond basic object detection to recognize specific items, materials, tools, and even people within your task workflows for effective handling and collaboration.

Additional Sensors on Quasi
Autonomous Mobile Robots AMRs

Each Model R2 comes equipped with a variety of additional sensors, for continuous monitoring of internal and external environmental states of the automated mobile robots.

Standard configuration of Quasi Automated Mobile Vehicles include:


With integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors

Battery Sensor

To monitor internal battery state of charge, current and temperature

Proximity Sensors

To detect sudden obstacles along navigation path

Gas Sensors

To detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) and other gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the part per billion (ppb) range

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Sensors

Combine gyroscope with an accelerometer and compass to measures angular rate, force and magnetic field for real-time, precision navigation

Motors State Sensors

To measure temperature, voltage and power consumption for each servo motor of R2 robot

Touch Sensors

Our gripers are equipped with touch sensors to exactly measure the pressure needed to pick a specific item

All sensor data is processed by Q.AI and uploaded for display in Cloud Connect. Historical data is kept in a permanent, read-only Audit Log alongside the timestamp and exact R2 robot position in the Environment map.

Integrated AI and Machine Learning Functionality within each Model R2 AMR Robot

Q.AI Intelligence
AI-Driven Capabilities & Integrated Automation

The Q.AI Intelligence bundle of proprietary algorithms transforms raw sensor data and hardware machinery into real-time decision making. It enables continuous learning, adaptation, and optimization, transforming the Model R2 from a mere machine into an intelligent, ever-evolving collaborator for your facility automation goals.

Top-down view of 2D map showing the Model R2 AMR Mobile Robot engaging in autonomous navigation
Side view of Model R2 Robotic Manipulator Arm grasping and lifting a can from the top of a mini refrigerator

Truly Autonomous Navigation

The Model R2 goes beyond traditional path-based AGVs. Leveraging robotics AI, it visualizes, maps, and navigates its environment independently:

  • No Markers, No Modifications: Q.AI continuously processes incoming data from onboard LiDAR and ToF sensors. With integrated artificial intelligence, R2 engages in real-time mapping and dynamic obstacle avoidance, eliminating the need for facility changes.
  • En-route Learning: With each task, R2’s intelligent automation refines its internal map, driving continuous optimization for maximum efficiency.

Intelligent Robotic Manipulator Grasp

Model R2’s robotic manipulator, including its arm and interchangeable end-grippers, operates with precision guided by advanced AI. This ensures:

  • Dynamic Adaptability: Real-time sensor feedback and intelligent robotics algorithms enable the Model R2 to adjust its movements on the fly. This autonomous mobile robot thrives in shifting workspaces and dynamic environments.
  • Unwavering Accuracy: Whether handling delicate lab reagents or heavier packages, the Model R2 manipulator robot demonstrates precision and minimizes errors.

Quasi AI generated 3D Map of the environment
Model R2 Robot - top down view

Depth Perception with Artificial Intelligence

Q.AI artificial intelligence helps establish R2’s advanced vision capabilities. Equipped with sophisticated stereo-image cameras, Q.AI builds detailed simulations of the environment. This enables:

  • Sharp Object Recognition: Q.AI leverages stereo-depth camera data for accurate object identification and precise location mapping. This is essential for reliable robotic manipulation.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Visual insights are shared across the entire Q.AI robotics AI network. This facilitates optimized task allocation and intelligent fleet management.

Q.AI-Enabled Smart Charging

Maximize fleet efficiency and minimize operational costs with Q.AI Intelligence’s AI-powered charging optimization.

  • AI-Powered Charging Optimization: Q.AI Intelligence constantly monitors battery levels across your entire robotic fleet. R2 robot AI intelligently directs fleet robots to optimal charging stations for streamlined operations.
  • Maximize Uptime, Minimize Costs: Q.AI’s intelligent automation factors in task queues, energy costs, and priorities to ensure robots are charged efficiently. Real-time data and audit logs empower operational analysis.

Discover the Full Extent of Our Q.AI Intelligence Capabilities

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Command and Analyze your R2 Fleet with Code-Free, Cloud Robotics Software

Cloud Connect™
Robot Management Interface

Take precise control of your Model R2 robots with Cloud Connect Software Interface. This intuitive interface offers centralized fleet management, detailed data tracking, and workflow optimization tools. Eliminate manual tasks, enhance process accuracy, and ensure compliance – no coding experience required.

Cloud Connect welcome screen for Client Portal

Cloud Robotics Control and Traceability

The Cloud Connect interface is your central hub for control, management, and analytics of your entire Quasi fleet. With user-friendly robotic software, you gain access to complete oversight, empowering you to:

Featured Capabilities of the Cloud Connect™ Application Software

 Command and analyze your R2 fleet with intuitive, cloud-based controls.


Gain comprehensive visibility into each fleet Robot to manage all automation solutions Track machine location, task progress, upcoming assignments, battery charge and overall health – to make optimization decisions with data-driven confidence.


Automate your robot workflows with the Tasks tab. Define precise robot actions, including navigation, object manipulation, and reporting. Streamline operations and ensure traceability.


Streamline task creation with Templates. Design and save reusable instructions as blueprints for common actions across your entire R2 fleet for consistent operation.



Establish operational boundaries for your robots with the Environments tab. Upload or design facility layouts, designate safe zones, and optimize navigation paths for efficiency.


Define your R2 robot’s task zones with the Workspaces tab to pinpoint the exact locations where specific tasks are performed to eliminate unnecessary movement and maximize automation potential.


Revolutionize robot Charging with Cloud Connect and R2 Charging Stations. Experience predictive charging, autonomous docking, and real-time battery monitoring. Maximize robot availability and extend battery lifespan.

Curious what your robots are capable of?

Find out how Cloud Connect reveals their full potential:

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Streamlining Material Handling for Autonomous Robots

Life Science

Research, Clinical, Pharmaceutical environments.

Health Care

Hospitals, Healthcare facilities, Nursing homes, Rehabilitation settings.


Retailers, Merchandisers, Grocery Store environments.


Small-scale manufacturing, Warehousing, E-Commerce, Fulfillment environments

Other Industries

Homeland security, Law enforcement, Educational opportunities.

R2 Robot - Basic Specifications

Material picking, processing and handling-related tasks are a reality for operations within all industries. By incorporating Model R2 into your workflow, your facility can eliminate repetitive non-value-added activities from your team’s responsibilities, allowing better performance on more critical tasks, optimization of resources, and operational efficiency.


Continuous Operation*


Robotic Arm


Gripper Reach


To Optimal Charge