Applications and AMR Benefits of Quasi Robots

Model C2 and Model R2
AMR Applications

Automate Delivery and Handling in Any Industry

Quasi robots are designed to operate together for maximum operational efficiency. Powered by proprietary intelligent software Qai, our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, transforming workflows in industries like life science, healthcare, and warehousing.

Model R2 is a nimble manipulator navigating complex spaces, while Model C2 is a robust cart carrying heavy payloads. Together, they work in perfect harmony to present the most advanced robotic process automation to usher in the future of robot application.

Model R2

Autonomous Mobile
Manipulation Robot | AMR

Model C2

Autonomous Material
Transportation Robot | AMR

Model R2 Robot
Model C2 Cart

Limitless Reach and Precision

Unlock unprecedented flexibility with our mobile pick-and-place robot. R2 handles diverse objects with laser-like precision, learns new tasks with ease, and collaborates seamlessly with your existing industrial automation robotics.

Effortless Flow, End-to-End

Revolutionize your end-to-end material flow with our intelligent Model C2 cart. It navigates complex environments and handles diverse payloads, optimizing material delivery while integrating with existing systems for maximum efficiency.

For fully customized applications with AMR benefits tailored perfectly to your unique workflow needs:

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Industry-Specific AMR Benefits and Applications

Quasi solutions are versatile across a spectrum of sectors including life-science, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more.
Discover how our innovative approach to robotic process automation meets each industry’s unique workflow demands.

Life Science
Retail and Grocery
Warehousing and E-Commerce
Other Industries

Life Science: Robotic Applications

In the dynamic world of life science, automation and robotics are no longer optional — they’re essential. Quasi Robotics introduces Model C2 and Model R2: pioneering solutions in robotic applications, designed to streamline and connect life science research workflows.

Model R2 Robot in Life Science Laboratory

Automate Research Process with Quasi Robots

Model C2 and Model R2 from Quasi Robotics aren’t just hardware; equally, they are comprehensive application software packages that transcend traditional automation. Model C2 excels in autonomous material handling, while Model R2 is your go-to for precision pick-and-place tasks. Together, they form a powerful duo, eliminating logistical hurdles and reducing manual workload.

By harnessing our cutting-edge application software technology, Quasi Robotics doesn’t just simplify tasks; it revolutionizes entire research processes. Experience efficiency, speed, and accuracy in life science research like never before.

Applications of Robotics: Sample Use-Cases in Life Science

Process samples in order of collection time.

Schedule Model C2 to pick-up samples on-demand and deliver them to processing stations inline with first-in-first-out regulation requirements.

Next-Level Automation with Model R2:

Assign R2 the task of transferring samples from workspace to C2 for transport, or vice-versa, from C2 to destination station upon delivery. Ensure safe handling and accident-free loading while freeing your staff to continue other critical responsibilities.

Transport hazardous materials while keeping staff safe

Use C2 to safely navigate your dynamic research environment and deliver hazardous supply without risk of accidental mishandling, collision, or spillage.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Have R2 handle and load hazardous material onto C2 for precision and accuracy without the need for bulky PPE or increased time spent on human safety protocols.

Streamline station turnover and waste management

Dispatch disinfecting supplies via C2 to provide workstations with clean glassware and equipment. Collect used, post-research equipment for transport to wash stations without risking cross-contamination or accidents.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2

Automate the full waste management process by using R2 to identify soiled glassware and load it onto C2 or to unloading transported trash into appropriate areas.

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals: Robotic Applications

Healthcare facilities are grappling with rising patient volumes, critical staff shortages, and stringent infection control measures. In this demanding landscape, Quasi Robotics steps in with its advanced healthcare robotic process automation (RPA), enhancing staff efficiency and elevating patient care.

Transforming Care Delivery with Models C2 and R2

Our robots, Model C2 and Model R2, are at the forefront of addressing these challenges. They automate key healthcare processes, such as specimen transportation, medication distribution, and waste management, seamlessly and safely.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals:

  • Elevating Patient Interaction: By taking over logistical responsibilities, Quasi RPA enables nurses and doctors to focus on providing compassionate patient care.
  • Improving Diagnostic Accuracy: Doctors, free from administrative distractions, can concentrate on patient diagnosis and treatment, leading to better healthcare outcomes.
  • Tailoring Patient Treatment: With mundane tasks automated, healthcare providers can focus on creating personalized treatment plans, significantly improving patient care quality.
Model R2 Robot in Hospital

Advancing Safety and Operational Efficiency:

  • Reduced Workforce Strain: Automating physically demanding tasks reduces staff burnout and turnover, maintaining a consistent, experienced team.
  • Lowering Infection Transmission: By handling potentially infectious materials, our robots minimize infection risks, ensuring a safer healthcare environment.
  • Optimized Staff Energy: With repetitive tasks automated, staff can focus their energy where it matters most, ensuring high-quality, attentive patient care.

Applications of Robotics: Sample Use-Cases in Healthcare

Distribute time-sensitive meals and medications to patient halls

Program C2 to efficiently transport meal and medications throughout the facility. Deliver orders to appropriate locations autonomously, saving travel time for distribution staff and ensuring uninterrupted operations in hospital halls.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Assign R2 to load meals and medications onto C2 from the kitchen and pharmacy wings. Once delivered, task R2 to unload the items and dispense them to each patient room, effectively completing full point-to-point delivery without human interference.

Assist staff with room turnover and waste management

Dispatch C2 to deliver clean sheets and linens to rooms with awaiting turndown staff. After room cleaning, staff may put soiled items and waste back onto the delivery cart to send to the laundry, while moving on to their next task.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Working alongside C2, program R2 to distribute prepared linen bundles to rooms awaiting turndown service. Make the rounds a second time to collect soiled materials, deliver them to the laundry, and unload them into appropriate containers.


Dynamic retail and grocery environments have been similarly impacted by labor shortages and high turn-over rates. These industries also face ongoing pressures to differentiate among competitors and win over shoppers, underscoring the future of robotics in logistics.

Quasi robots provide a solution to efficiently manage inventory, offer exceptional customer service, follow cleanliness guidelines, and maintain restocking measures – and offer an application software package to match.

R2 Robot in Giant Food Store

Automate Retail Management with Quasi Robots

Model C2 and Model R2 can be customized according specific retailer requirements, integrating with existing system workflows and ready for configuration of barcode scanners and lasers.

Robot Workspaces can also be specified to the layout and departments of your facility, allowing precise navigation of aisles and shelves.

Sample Robot Applications for Retail and Grocery

Facilitate autonomous restocking of products and inventory management.

Deploy C2 from the back stock room to deliver products for sorting and shelf placement by team-members in specific departments. Damaged/unsellable goods can be placed back onto C2 during restocking for transport back to warehouse.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Use R2 in the warehouse/back-room, to load items from inventory onto C2 for restock delivery. Then, implement R2 for inventory management, to scan store shelves and detect dwindling stock supply.

Distribute drink and food samples from partnered brands.

Use C2 to deliver food and drink samples to active shoppers, increasing customer satisfaction. Introduce the application of robotics to grow new revenue initiatives by offering partnership opportunities for featured brands.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Dispatch R2 to identify and retrieve items requested by customers at the Customer Service desk. Then, use R2 to fulfill online grocery orders by locating the ordered items and placing them onto C2 for transport to Order Pickup station.

Warehousing and E-Commerce

The use of robotics in manufacturing and warehousing environments continues to expand. While larger solutions, such as multi-level warehouse picking robots, are now more common as an application of robotic solutions in distribution centers, the need for smaller-asset solutions is on the rise.

Streamline Your Warehouse with Agile Automation

Traditional warehousing and use of robotics in manufacturing faces familiar problems:

  • Repetitive Tasks – lugging pallets, stocking shelves, picking and placing items – remain reliant on low-skill, high-turnover labor. The result is typical: drained productivity, strained budget, and disrupted workflows.
  • Low-Skill Chores end up either distracting key personnel from higher-value tasks or incurring added hiring costs. This leads to a cycle of expensive re-training and replacement of employees, diminished productivity, and budget drain.
  • Implementing Large-Scale robotics requires an unfeasible price tag for small and medium-sized companies new to automation.
C2 and R2 Models shown together
Model R2 Robot in diagnostics laboratory

Manufacturing with Robotics from Quasi

Quasi Robotics offers a smarter solution: a low-investment and easy-to-integrate system for agile automation, with seamless manufacturing robotics integration into your existing setup:

  • Full Task Automation: This dynamic duo works in perfect harmony, automating repetitive chores like loading/unloading conveyor belts, selecting specific items, and managing station supplies.
  • Autonomous Material Transport: Model C2, your tireless workhorse, navigates your warehouse with ease, delivering goods exactly where they need to be.
  • Precision Picking and Handling: Introducing Model R2, the nimble maestro. Its advanced vision and dexterous manipulator ensure accurate identification and handling of any object, from delicate parts to bulky packages.

The AMR benefits are clear:

  • Boosted Throughput: Forget bottlenecks; watch your throughput soar as robots handle the mundane, freeing your team for higher-value tasks.
  • Near-Instant ROI: Experience the financial gains quickly. Quasi Robotics solutions deliver a rapid return on investment, making automation accessible to your bottom line.
  • Safer Workplace: Eliminate heavy lifting and repetitive strain injuries. Let robots handle the heavy work, creating a safer environment for your team.
  • No Infrastructure Overhaul: No need for costly retrofits or disruptions. Quasi robots seamlessly integrate with your existing workspace

Sample Robot Application for Manufacturing

Automate the “last 100 feet” of inventory transport

Use C2 to deliver items pulled from inventory and conveyor belts to their respective stations for shipping preparation, reducing reliance on low-value employment.

Next-Level Automation with Model R2:

Assign R2 to load items from conveyor and inventory onto C2 and deploy them for delivery. At shipping stations, unload transported items from C2 and sort them into shipping groups.

Transport defective items from conveyor belt to resolution center

Upon discovery of defect, an employee loads the item onto C2 for autonomous delivery to quality assurance center.

Next-Level Automation with Model R2:

Replace manual quality assurance picking by using R2’s object identification abilities to identify and load defective items onto C2 for transport to the appropriate location.

Other Industries

At Quasi, we’ve carefully selected our initial industries of focus based on our extensive prior team experience. Yet our overall vision remains more broad: to introduce autonomous robotics to every sector of the market. We believe that the applications for our solutions exist across the board, in every industry, in every company, in every home even.

Homeland Security

While working to ensure the safety of our nation, officers and employees of the DHS are often exposed to dangerous situations and environments.

By integrating C2 and R2 into their operations, exposure risk can be mitigated and tasks performed in unsafe environments can be reliably automated without threat to human team-members.

Sample Robot Application for Homeland Security

Handing of hazardous material in areas with high contamination

Use C2 to deliver supplies and equipment to zones with high levels of sanitary/safety requirements. This avoids risking additional personnel to exposure or cross-contamination of sensitive material, while maintaining supply levels to continue operations.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Assign R2 to handle manipulation and handling tasks typically performed by human employees in dangerous areas. When working together, R2 can place the supplies delivered by C2, conduct sample collection and execute testing procedures, saving staff expertise for subsequent analysis tasks.

Law Enforcement

Clearance levels and authorization requirements at law enforcement facilities are important security precautions for daily operations. However, they can also slow down processing, require additional verification and extensive paperwork, leading to longer though-put and request fulfillments.

With Quasi solutions, security measures can be handled at the ordering stage, with log-in requirements, while on-board customizations can be installed to secure material during transport.

Sample Robot Application for Law Enforcement

Retrieve items for inspection from evidence rooms without clearance delays.

Dispatch C2 to the evidence room to be loaded with the requested material, instead of disrupting staff with appropriate clearance levels from their tasks or slowing down trial and analysis proceedings while awaiting authorization.

Next-Level Workflow Automation with Model R2:

Employ R2 inside the evidence room for inventory processing, handling, and distributing of items arriving at the law office. Have R2 deliver the requested piece of evidence, or pause its ongoing task to retrieve and load the evidence atop C2 for transport.


The tourism and hospitality industries were hard-hit by pandemic restrictions and continue to face staffing shortages amidst reduced occupancy levels. With Models C2 and R2, hotel managers can reduce their reliance on seasonal and high-turnover employment while increasing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Sample Robot Application for Hospitality

Deliver luggage and belongings to and from guest rooms upon check-in and check-out

Use C2 for transportation of heavy guest baggage and guidance to room location. By introducing a new amenity, management increases competitive edge among newer entrants.

Next-Level Automation with Model R2:

Use R2 to handle refreshments at guest tables in lobby. Combine with C2’s delivery ability to distribute room service order to the requesting rooms.

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