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All Quasi Robotics models are designed to operate seamlessly together, bringing efficiency in automation and integration within any industry. With connected intelligence driven by Qai, Model R2 and Model C2 introduce the future of integrated automation to your facility and workflows. Learn more about specific use-cases below.
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Life Science

For the last two decades, the life-science industry has relied on automation and robotics to increase research efficiency. From robotic specimen storage to medical operating instruments to assistant robots of all shapes and sizes — Life Science is one of the most automated industries out there. In fact, a modern-day lab looks more like a machine room, with stations of robots fulfilling various, separate steps of a research workflow.
Model R2 Robot in Life Science Laboratory
With Model C2 and Model R2, we take automation a step further — by connecting separated processes and filling the gaps left behind by disjointed workflow stations.

With autonomous material transport by C2 and mobile pick- and-place functions by R2, your facility enters the future of Life Science automation, where processes can run 24/7, supply and handling bottlenecks cease to exist, and repetitive, strenuous, monotonous tasks are things of the past.

Standard Life-Science Applications

Send and deliver samples for processing in-order of collection time.

Schedule C2 to pick-up samples on-demand and deliver them to processing stations inline with first-in-first-out regulation requirements.

Take it further with Model R2:
Assign R2 the task of transferring samples from workspace to C2 for transport, or vice-versa, from C2 to destination station upon delivery. Ensure safe handling and accident-free loading while freeing your staff to continue other critical responsibilities.

Handle the transport of hazardous materials while keeping staff safe.

Use C2 to safely navigate your dynamic research environment and deliver hazardous supply without risk of accidental mishandling, collision, or spillage.

Take it further with Model R2:
Have R2 handle and load hazardous material onto C2 for precision and accuracy without the need for bulky PPE or increased time spent on human safety protocols.

Dispatch disinfecting supplies and dispose of contaminated material during station turnover.

Use C2 to deliver cleaning supplies to workstations post-research and to collect large quantities of used glassware and equipment for transport to wash stations without risking further contamination and accidents.

Take it further with Model R2:
Automate the full waste management process by using R2 to identify soiled glassware and load it onto C2 or to unloading transported trash into appropriate areas.

HealthCare and Hospitals

The healthcare industry continues to face increases in patient and procedural volume during a time of severe understaffing and high turnover rates. The logistical operations of hospitals and care facilities are now, more than ever, critically in need of the operational efficiency that automating repetitive and transportation processes can provide.
With Model C2 and Model R2, we resolve logistical and material- handling burdens placed on hospital workers, and simultaneously prevent spreading of contagions, reduce hospital labor expenses and increase the overall quality of care that patients receive.

At Quasi Robotics, we want to enable healthcare workers to do what they do best: provide empathetic care and apply creative thinking to patent problems — skills that robots may never be able to replicate, Meanwhile, our machines can take care of the minuscule, tedious, and repetitive tasks that robots can conquer.

Model R2 Robot in Hospital
Standard Healthcare Application

Distribute time-sensitive meals and medications to patient halls.

Program C2 to transport meal and medication orders to the appropriate hospital hall without interfering with ongoing processes and saving travel time for distribution staff.

Take it further with Model R2:
At the start-point have R2 load the meals and meds onto C2. Upon dispatch to the hall, have R2 take care of final delivery steps by unloading the items from C2 and placing the on the appropriate end destination.

Assist staff with room turndown by delivering linens and removing waste.

Deliver bundles of clean sheets and linens to rooms with awaiting turnover staff, who then collect linens from C2’s top shelf and load bags of trash onto its bottom shelf, which will be taken to the waste area as C2’s final destination point.

Take it further with Model R2:
Use R2’s handling abilities to place delivered linens in appropriate room locations to reduce time spend awaiting staff unloading. Have R2 load bags of waste onto the bottom shelf of C2, alleviating staff of another repetitive task.


Dynamic retail/grocery environments have been equally impacted by labor shortages and high turn-over rates while simultaneously experiencing ongoing pressure to differentiate among competitors and win over shoppers. Quasi machines provide the solution that allows stores to efficiently manage inventory, offer exceptional customer service, follow cleanliness guidelines, and maintain restocking measures.
R2 Robot in Giant Food Store
Both Model C2 and Model R2 can be customized according the specific requirements of your store operations, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and workflows and ready for addition and configuration of barcode scanners and lasers.

Robot Workspaces can also be specified to the layout and departments of your facility, allowing precise navigation of aisles and shelves.

Standard Retail and Grocery Application

Facilitate autonomous restocking of products and inventory management.

Deploy C2 from the back stock room to deliver products for sorting and shelf placement by team-members in specific departments. Damaged/unsellable goods can be placed back onto C2 during restocking for transport back to warehouse.

Take it further with Model R2:
Use R2 in the warehouse/back-room, to load items from inventory onto C2 for restock delivery. Then, implement R2 for inventory management, to scan store shelves and detect dwindling stock supply.

Distribute drink and food samples from partnered brands.

Use C2 to deliver food and drink samples to active shoppers, increasing customer satisfaction, and introduce new revenue initiatives by offering partnership opportunity for featured brands.

Take it further with Model R2:
Dispatch R2 to identify and retrieve items requested by customers at the Customer Service desk. Then, use R2 to fulfill online grocery orders by locating the ordered items and placing them onto C2 for transport to Order Pickup station.

Warehousing and E-Commerce

The need for autonomous transportation and handling of goods continues to grow in warehousing and production environments. While larger robotic solutions have become more typical in distribution settings, the task of moving items between processing points remains reliant on strenuous, low-value, high-turnover labor.
Model C2 is an excellent choice for implementing reliable automation with near-instant returns, while maintaining affordability for the cost of its upfront investment. By minimizing manual transportation of goods, facilities improve their throughput and improve safety measure for staff to avoid pulling heavy volumes.

By integrating with Model R2, an autonomous picking and handling skillset is added to the delivery abilities of C2. The precision of R2’s manipulator and vision algorithms allow for accurate object identification pairing with C2 for full automation of tasks such as loading and unloading items from conveyor belts, identifying and picking items for delivery, and maintaining station supply levels.

C2 and R2 Models shown together
Sample Manufacturing Application

Automating the “last 100 feet” of inventory transport.

Use C2 to deliver items pulled from inventory and conveyor belts to their respective stations for shipping preparation, reducing reliance on low-value employment.

Take it further with Model R2:
Assign R2 to load items from conveyor and inventory onto C2 and deploy them for delivery. At shipping stations, unload transported items from C2 and sort them into shipping groups.

Transporting items which failed quality control from conveyor to resolution center.

Upon discovery of defect, an employee loads the item onto C2 for autonomous delivery to quality assurance center.

Take it further with Model R2:
Replace manual quality assurance picking by using R2’s object identification abilities to identify and load defective items onto C2 for transport to the appropriate location.

Other Industries

At Quasi, we’ve carefully selected our initial industries of focus, on based on our extensive prior experience and team orientations. But our overall vision is to introduce autonomous robotics to every sector of the market. We believe that the applications for our solutions exist across the board, in every industry, in every company, in every home even.

Homeland Security

While working to ensure the safety of our nation, officers and employees of the DHS are often exposed to dangerous situations and environments.

By integrating C2 and R2 into their operations, exposure risk can be mitigated and tasks performed in unsafe environments can be reliably automated without threat to human team-members.

Sample Application

Handle hazardous material in areas of high contamination levels

Use C2 to transport additional supplies and equipment for workers in zones with higher sanitation/safety precaution requirements. Avoid sending in additional personnel and risking exposure or contamination while still delivering the required supplies to continue procedures.

Take it further with Model R2:
Assign R2 to handle manipulation and handling tasks typically performed by human employees in dangerous areas. When working together, R2 can place the supplies delivered by C2, conduct sample collection and execute testing procedures, saving staff expertise for subsequent analysis tasks.

Law Enforcement

Clearance levels and authorization requirements at law enforcement facilities are important security precautions for daily operations. However, they can also slow down processing, require additional verification and extensive paperwork, leading to longer though-put and request fulfillments. With Quasi solutions, security measures can be handled at the ordering stage, with log-in requirements, while on-board customizations can be installed to secure material during transport.
Sample Application

Retrieve items for inspection from evidence rooms without clearance delays.

Dispatch C2 to the evidence room to be loaded with the requested material, instead of disrupting staff with appropriate clearance levels from their tasks or slowing down trial and analysis proceedings while awaiting authorization.

Take it further with Model R2:
Employ R2 inside the evidence room for inventory processing, handling, and distributing of items arriving at the law office. Have R2 deliver the requested piece of evidence, or pause its ongoing task to retrieve and load the evidence atop C2 for transport.


The tourism and hospitality industries were hard-hit by pandemic restrictions and continue to face staffing shortages amidst reduced occupancy levels. With Models C2 and R2, hotel managers can reduce their reliance on seasonal and high-turnover employment while increasing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Sample Application

Deliver luggage and belongings to and from guest rooms upon check-in and check-out.

Use C2 for transportation of heavy guest baggage and guidance to room location. By introducing a new amenity, management increases competitive edge among newer entrants.

Take it further with Model R2:
Use R2 to handle refreshments at guest tables in lobby. Combine with C2’s delivery ability to distribute room service order to the requesting rooms.

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