Model C2

Autonomous Material Transport

Eliminate time-consuming supply runs from your team’s workflow and replenish stock levels ahead of shortages. C2 navigates your facility and delivers materials autonomously, empowering your staff to take on more critical and fulfilling tasks.
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Available for order: Now. Fulfillment begins: November 2023
All C2 Models shown in four production colors

Instant Deployment, Full Connectivity

C2 delivers value right out of the box — all features instantly operational, no internet connectivity required. By choosing to configure WiFi and Quasi Cloud Connect connectivity, users leverage full access to advanced intelligence, traceability reporting and robot-to-robot collaboration capabilities, allowing complete control and insight into workflow operations.

Integrable Automation and Intelligence

Discover how robotics, automation and information technology can transform your industry by delivering increased speed and efficiency.

Increase Productivity

  • Maximize team performance and increase operational capacity.
  • Increase inventory efficiency and fulfillment.
  • Reduce time sunk on repetitive material transport.

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Minimize accident-related expenses with advanced Qai features.
  • Complete autonomous deliveries 24/7 without human oversight necessary.
  • Decrease on-boarding costs related to increased turnover and labor shortages.
  • Increase workflow completion rates and operational capacity.

Integrate and Scale

  • Fully integrate with existing management software via Quasi Cloud Connect.
  • Leverage Quasi AI machine learning + continuously improving abilities.
  • Make operations easily scalable and traceable via Cloud Connect central management platform.

Deploy and Modify in Minutes

Initial setup of C2 is quick and easy — just give it a tour of your facility and mark your delivery destinations on the auto-generated map. Touch-screen controls and graphic visual display create an intuitive, code-free interface that requires no training to use.
  • Set-up in less than an hour
  • Intuitive Touch-Screen UI
  • Painless remote software updates
  • Growing list of capabilities and features
All C2 Models shown with touchscreen visible
Model C2 ARM Cart with touchscreen UI

Integrate and Connect Seamlessly

C2 easily integrates with existing commercial or in-house software systems (ERP, LIS, LIMS, etc) for extended workflow automation. With WiFi and Quasi Cloud Connect enabled, acquired intelligence is shared across the entire Quasi fleet, automatically transferring maps, destinations, optimal routes and more, to make new robot onboarding and teamwork a breeze.
  • Works with or without Wi-Fi
  • Easily transfer Waypoints and Routes from Cart to Cart
  • Compatible with Model R2 Robots

Deliver Materials Safely

With Qai at its core, C2 can calculate optimal routes and work collaboratively in dynamic environments to ensure accident-free deliveries. Advanced motion and navigation algorithms combine with numerous on-board sensors to ensure collision avoidance and continuous route planning, without infrastructure changes or preprogramming requirements.
  • Accurate Autonomouse Navigation
  • Advanced Obstacle and Collision Avoidance
  • Emergency Stop Button
Model C2 shown, top, front view

Intelligence and Reporting

powered by Qai

Autonomous Navigation

Qai mapping and localization algorithms enable C2’s fully autonomous navigation. Sensor data is interpreted in real-time to navigate high-traffic, unpredictable environments reliably, without human assistance or facility infrastructure add-ons.
Model C2 UI shown, waypoints screen

Progressive Learning

WiFI also enables inter-operability and data analysis for your entire fleet of Quasi machines. Knowledge is shared instantly, new machines are onboarded within minutes and you enjoy a modular platform that grows seamlessly alongside your operations.
C2 Model in white, side view

Comprehensive Data Insight

With WiFI connected, Qai compiles a variety of productivity reports for your robots’ lifecycles, including utilization, charging, maintenance and cost modules for precise calculations. This info is graphically displayed and is exportable from the Cloud Connect user platform.
C2 Model in semi-white, front-side view

Uncompromising Safety

When navigating, C2’s on-board sensors constantly scan their surroundings and utilize Qai algorithms to detect any unexpected objects/people. In the event of interference, Qai initiates an instant stop and documents the instance in the system knowledge base, with instructions for the rest of the fleet.
Model C2 UI shown, navigation screen

Streamline Material Delivery Workflows

Discover how Qai-driven Model C2 and Qai automation and data insight can transform your industry by delivering increased efficiency and safety:

Life Science

Transform material delivery, experiment preparation, station supply and sanitation management for research, clinical, and pharmaceutical companies.

Health Care

Maintain efficiency, readiness and regulation compliance while mitigating staffing shortages in hospitals, health- care and nursing home settings.


Accelerate re-stocking measures, enhance customer experience, simplify inventory management and reduce strain and injury within retail environments.


Facilitate autonomous delivery of items between multiple workstations for sorting and handling in production and warehousing environments.

Other Industries

Homeland security, Law enforcement, Educational opportunities.

Quasi solutions are flexible to increase efficiency in any use-scenario

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