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September 18, 2023

Quasi Robotics Introduces Model C2, a fully integrable Autonomous Mobile Delivery Robot, powered by the firm’s proprietary Qai Software

Maryland-based Quasi Robotics, a leading provider of integrated autonomous robotics, has announced the release of Model C2 – now available for pre-order. Designed to streamline material movement, the C2 autonomous delivery solution aims to eliminate the time-consuming task of manual item transport between or during workflows and has a wide feature set that is purpose-built to function optimally across numerous industries. Shipping of the C2 automated cart will begin in Q4 2023.

February 10, 2023

Quasi Robotics introduces R2 Robot™ powered by Quasi AI™ - autonomous mobile robot for a variety of industries

The autonomous, user-programmable, self-learning robots can carry out a complex series of actions automatically and will increase efficiency and safety standards while reducing labor costs and eliminating manual workflows across numerous industries.

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