Autonomy. Traceability. Connectivity.

Quasi AI (Q.AI) is the cutting edge intelligence software that powers all Quasi Robotics solutions.

Combining our proprietary set of Q.AI algorithms with cloud-based Cloud Connect operations portal delivers reliable, accountable, fully integrated control and data insight that transforms any machine into a progressive, traceable, autonomous workflow partner.

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Integrate and Automate Any Workflow with central control and intelligence from Quasi Robotics


The power of robotics can only be unlocked with intelligent software
The Mission
We developed Quasi AI with one goal in mind – a universal set of algorithms to power any robot, wheeled or walking, with two hands or one manipulator, with ten fingers or one gripper to allow the end users to assign their work with just a few clicks.

Quasi AI is the “brain” of our machines that follows user tasks and workflows in Cloud Connect and drives R2 robots to perform sophisticated actions.

Quasi AI receives and interprets inputs from various sensors, LiDARs, and cameras to establish a precise position in the Environment. Furthermore, sophisticated Quasi AI algorithms accommodate variations in Environments, Workspaces configurations, and Items to learn from.

Our Vision for AI

At Quasi, we believe in safe, predictable, traceable AI – Artificial Intelligence without surprises.
Our AI principles
We think that information processing is the source of intelligence, and the base of intelligence is an appropriate computational system.
With this approach we developed Quasi AI and continue improving the system.
Our AI approach
  • Safety First
  • Versatile, Intelligent, Reliable AI
  • Full traceability and verification of all AI actions and decisions
Our AI computational system:
  • Small computational footprint and low power consumption- Quasi AI runs on a 5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″ minicomputer.
  • Quasi AI follows general commands from the central system (Cloud Connect) but adaptive enough to accommodate local variations, such as desk sizes and shapes, various objects, and environment layouts.
  • Quasi AI is extensible by easily adding new objects into the object detection pipeline and precisely distinguishing each item.

Quasi AI Level 1

Precision Intelligence
R2 Robots diligently follow all industry-specific workflows defined in Cloud Connect with great precision and intelligence. Onboard AI is competent in acting on deviations in object placement, Workspace configurations and obstacles in the Environment.
Powered by Quasi AI Level 1, our machines learn with every Task accomplished.

Interpretability allows R2 robots to communicate with each other and other systems to enable an efficient and safe working environment.

Quasi AI Level 1 is a Next Level of Automation and Machine Intelligence

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  • Recognizes all items to perform a variety of tasks
  • Navigates complex indoor environments to reach designated workspaces
  • Find charging stations automatically when needed
  • Recognizes all items to perform a variety of tasks
  • Balance assigned tasks between two or more robots based on workloads, distance, and battery levels
  • With Quasi AI you are in control – a full suite of audit records and report

Quasi AI Level 2*

Preview only. 2024 availability.
Our Robots + Quasi AI Level 2 = Job Done. 24 / 7 / 365
Beyond autonomous navigation and “pick and place” Tasks - with Quasi AI Level 2, R2 robots can perform pre-configured workflows and accomplish tasks that require two or more robots.
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For example, end-to-end DNA/RNA Extraction workflow:
  • Fetch reagents and kits from storage cabinets and other places
  • Scan barcodes to verify content, record lot numbers
  • Weight and mix reagents as needed following Standard Operating Procedures, as defined in Cloud Connect
  • Operate thermocyclers, sequencers, liquid handlers and other instruments.
  • Communicate results to enterprise software (automatically submit data to ERP/LIS/LIMS systems)
  • Create all required audit records for full traceability and accountability
  • Submit a report to the human supervisor and notify the R2 fleet about the completed Workflow
Robot to Robot Collaboration
Quasi AI Level 2 enhances R2 robotic fleet with sophisticated abilities such as:
  • Tasks that require teamwork
  • Perform  sequences of  tasks in pairs
  • Sophisticated end-to-end workflow. Taking Life Science as an example, running a complete DNA/RNA extraction process or Sanger sequencing is a possibility.
  • Next level of interoperability with customers’ enterprise software systems. From automatically filling ERP/LIS/LIMS forms to gathering tasks and schedules.
Model R2 Robot, top/front view in white color
Model R2 Robot, front view in light grey color

Object Recognition and Detection

Being able to identify and distinguish items in a Workspace accurately is critically vital to robotic automation
Quasi AI image recognition output
Our machines utilize stereo cameras and sophisticated Quasi AI object detection pipelines to recognize various objects. We are developing industry and process-specific model packs to bring even more recognizable objects to our robotic fleet.

Accurate object detection and localization translate into precise grasp calculations and commands to R2 robotic arm for the best possible pickup angles.

More about Object Detection

Learning Capabilities

Learning and Knowledge Sharing is a signature feature of R2 robots powered by Quasi AI
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