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October 2023: See Model C2 advanced close-quarters maneuvering algorithms in action.

Some of the hardest challenges for any motion planning AI are maneuvering in tight spaces and traffic separation schemas. See what Qai can do for obstacle avoidance and on-the-fly optimal path recalculations with two or more moving targets. Solution is pure software and these two Model C2’s are not “talking” to each other.

Two Model C2 Carts

October 2023: Welcome to the video showcasing our latest product – Model C2, an Autonomous Material Transport Cart, powered by Qai.

Eliminate time-consuming supply runs from your team’s workflow and replenish stock levels ahead of shortages. C2 navigates your facility and delivers materials autonomously, empowering your staff to take on more critical and fulfilling tasks.

Model C2 Cart in 3D Printing facility

June 2023: Vlad Lebedev, CEO of Quasi Robotics, presents at The Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Networking and Pitch Extravaganza on June 8th, 2023.

Vlad Lebedev, CEO of Quasi Robotics at CONNECTpreneur event June 2023

May 2023: Welcome to the video showcasing some of the amazing capabilities of Quasi AI, running on our R2 Robot.

Quasi AI is an innovative onboard software that is robot-agnostic and designed to enhance the interaction between the robot, the end-user and our Cloud Connect platform.

With Quasi AI, the R2 Robot is now capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from simple to complex, with ease and precision. The onboard mini-pc ensures that Quasi AI operates smoothly and seamlessly, providing the user with a unique and personalized experience.

Model R2 robotic arm picking Starbacks coffee can

March 2023: Vlad Lebedev, our CEO talks about Quasi Robotics, R2 Robot release schedule and Quasi AI

Vlad Lebedev, CEO of Quasi Robotics

February 2023: How Quasi Robotics will surpass the competition

Takumi Fujiwara and his Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86)

January 2023: Quasi Robotics R2 Robots – Coming Soon…

All Model R2 Robots in four colors
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