Cloud Connect™ User Interface:

Software for Robot Control
& Data Analytics

Cloud Connect™ is the central command center, enabled by Q.AI Intelligence for managing all Quasi AMR fleet robots and unlocking powerful data-driven insights.

Simplify your mobile robot fleet management with our intuitive, code-free software interface, designed to optimize manual workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and gain complete oversight of your AMR automation operations.

Cloud Connect Robotic Software for tracking traveled distances of AMR Robots displaying Chart 1
Cloud Connect Cloud Robotic Interface Software Main Dashboard for AMR Robot fleet management

Avoid AMR Automation Pitfalls with
Cloud Connect™ Integrated Automation

Discover how Cloud Connect addresses robot programming and data compiling challenges to power operational success. As the user interface of the Q.AI Integrated Automation Platform, explore the realistic use-case examples of how our cloud robotics automation empowers optimized workflows, data-driven decisions, and effortless compliance adherence.

Cloud Connect™
Robotics Control Software

Key Software Application Features

Harness the full potential of Q.AI intelligent robots with Cloud Connect robotic software tools. This user-centric interface puts fleet robot control and compiled data analysis at your fingertips. Discover powerful features that enable effortless task management, workflow optimization, and data-driven insights – no coding experience required.

The Quasi Cloud Connect mobile user interface app is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay marketplace.

Cloud Connect Cloud Robotic Interface Software Main Dashboard for AMR Robot fleet management

Intelligent Automation at First Glance
Cloud Connect™ User Dashboard

Tablet-based, comprehensive mission control for total robotic fleet management traceability. Monitor machine performance, manage robot deployments and environments, and adjust course at any instant, without a single line of code. Unlock data-driven insights and effortless control of your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Experience the powerful simplicity of cloud-based automation.

Key Capabilities of the Cloud Connect™ Applications Software:

Assign AMR Tasks

Define workflows, specify order, and assign tasks to specific robots with just a few clicks.

Monitor Robot Activity

Track individual robot movements and performance within designated environments.

Integrate Seamlessly

Seamlessly collaborate with all robots in your Quasi fleet and outside systems and machines in real-time.

View Data Insights

Access precise statistics on robot performance, health, location, charge, and task completion.

Export Data

Download robot data into Excel or CSV formats for reference, analysis,  and record keeping.

Task Assignment and Robot Control
via Cloud Connect

Manage and direct your fleet of Model R2 and C2 robots with the Cloud Connect central user interface. Assign tasks, define environments, and leverage Q.AI Intelligence for streamlined automation workflows.

Get to Know Each Robot in Your Fleet

the “Robots” Tab

Provides an in-depth look at each robot’s individual performance and status updates. Access current location, movement history, battery levels, charging activity, and track completed vs. queued tasks, and overall health

Most importantly, maintain total visibility into each machine operation, empowering data-driven decision making and optimized fleet management.

  • Fleet Visibility: Track all C2 and R2 deployments instantly to view status, charge levels, tasks in qeue, and current locations on an interactive map.
  • Effortless Task Management: Quickly assign new tasks, specify environments and workplaces, and monitor progress effortlessly.
Cloud Connect Robotic Software Interface showcases the Model R2 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR Robot) for Material Handling and Object Manipulation Model R2 Robot default view
Model R2 Robot in diagnostics laboratory

Tailor Your Robot’s Operating World

the “Environments” Tab

Environments in Cloud Connect define the operational boundaries, workspaces, and navigation routes in which your R2 AMR robots can operate. Incorporated imaging tools allow you to map your facility, designate workspaces, and optimize navigational paths for efficiency.

  • Visual Map Creation: Upload or create floor plans to designate the robots’ workspace.
  • Tailored Workflows: Define movement patterns optimized for your facility layout and processes.
  • Essential Foundation: Environments set the stage for task assignment, data insights, and optimization.

Precision Work-Zones for Maximum Efficiency

the “WorkSpaces” Tab

While Environments define your R2 robot’s overall operating area, Workspaces pinpoint the exact stations, tables, or spaces where R2 performs specific tasks. This granular control allows users to optimize workflows, ensure precision, and fully benefit from R2’s capabilities.

  • Confine robot actions to designated Workspaces, preventing unnecessary movement and optimizing for specific task types.
  • Accuracy & Repeatability: By defining precise work zones, you ensure the R2 consistently performs tasks with high accuracy, ideal for quality-critical applications.
  • Adaptable to Your Workflow: Create Workspaces of varying sizes and shapes to match your unique processes, from individual shelves to entire rooms within a larger Environment.
Cloud Connect shows detailed workspace info

Command Robot Actions with Task Management

the “Tasks” Tab

Tasks are your mission control center for designing, assigning, and optimizing the specific actions your R2 robots perform within their designated Environments. Experience the power of simplified robot control.

  • Safely navigate to the assigned Workspace or Task location by autonomously leveraging Q.AI Intelligence.
  • Assess its surroundings to identify necessary objects and precise gripper calculations for accurate handling.
  • Generate audit records in Cloud Connect detailing each step of the process and submit a final report of the completed Task

Cloud Connect offers multiple ways to assign tasks to your R2 automation robots, providing flexibility to match your workflow needs:

  • 1
    Cloud Connect

    Specify tasks, workspaces, and items directly within the Cloud Connect interface.

  • 2

    Create reusable task templates for recurring workflows.

  • 3
    Trigger Event

    Automate task sequences with a specific trigger event acting as the catalyst.

  • 4
    Outside Request

    Easily share task assignment with an existing system with Cloud Connect's API

Task Templates Tab: Blueprints for Robotic Automation

(R2 Exclusive)

Task Templates in Cloud Connect serve as the foundation for building a seamless workflow for your Model R2 robots, through a centralized robotics cloud.

Task Templates in Cloud Connect serve as the foundation for building a seamless workflow for your Model R2 robots, through a centralized robotics cloud.

These templates allow users and administrators to effortlessly create and save reusable sets of directions for the robots to follow, streamlining task creation and maximizing efficiency. Experience the future of cloud robotics and elevate your automation possibilities to new heights!

How It Works:

  • Design Once, Deploy Seamlessly:
    Once created a template for a Model R2 task is created, it’s instantly saved for future use.

    For example: let’s say you’ve crafted a template for R2 to pick up an object from a designated workspace and deliver it to another.

    You can now instantly generate similar tasks with just a few clicks, eliminating repetitive setup, and the template populates across your entire R2 fleet, so all robots immediately share the ability.

  • Quasi AI in the Cloud Takes the Wheel: 
    Qai seamlessly integrates with Cloud Connect, handling task prioritization and assignment with optimal efficiency. You focus on the big picture, while your robotic workforce executes with precision.

Data Compiling, Analysis, and Insights

via Cloud Connect

Discover the second side of Cloud Connect: data-driven automation. Transform operational data into actionable insights. Utilize dashboards, in-depth reports, and comprehensive audit logs to track performance, optimize workflows, demonstrate ROI, and ensure compliance.

Visualize Complex Data w/ Graphical Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards transform automated insights from data into actionable strategies. Gain unparalleled visibility into your robotic operations with real-time fleet insights. Customizable dashboards reveal robot performance, helping you identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and boost efficiency. Track individual robots or your entire fleet with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly performance charts.

  • Task Monitoring: View trends in robot performance, including completed, failed and pending tasks.
  • Uptime Durations: Track robot activity over time to identify opportunities for reducing idle time and optimizing task scheduling.
  • Utilization Analysis: Visualize patterns in robot usage to optimize deployments, prevent downtime, and make informed scaling decisions.
  • Benchmarking Tools: Compare performance metrics across different time periods, robot models, or facilities to discover best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Many additional dashboards to see the frequency of charging events, traveled distances and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requests.

Data-Driven ROI & Cost Analysis to Optimize
AI Automation Investment

Cloud Connect maintains a variety of productivity and utilization reports for transparent visibility into your facility automation investment. Uncover actionable insights with Cloud Connect’s customizable reporting tools – covering fleet performance, task completion, utilization, and more – and effortlessly export into standard formats (CSV, Excel) for streamlined analysis and strategic decision-making.

Cloud Connect with Cost Module enabled

Cost Module

Transform current and historical automation data into strategic insights with customizable reports that cover costs along with fleet performance.

Newly developed is our comprehensive cost analysis module for precise ROI calculations, easily exportable to CSV or Excel for streamlined integration with your preferred analysis tools.

  • Are you getting the most out of your machines?
  • Is your investment in robotics genuinely paying off?

We track and calculate the cost of charging, the cost of traveled distance, the cost of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, plus the cost and benefits of performing a single task or series of workflows.

Comprehensive Audit Logs for Intelligent Automation

Comprehensive audit trail of all robot actions, task assignments, and environmental interactions

Cloud Connect maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all robot actions, task assignments, and environmental interactions.

This immutable record ensures traceability is maintained across your autonomous mobile robot (AMR) operations, facilitating regulatory compliance, simplifying troubleshooting, and enhancing operational transparency.

Cloud Connect shows charing log for all Model R2 Robots

Log all details and steps of a robot performing a single Task


Log internal proprioception data of a robot, such as motor states, temperatures, currents and voltages


Log full history of robot movements in the Environment, including maps and trajectory visualizations


Log full CFR 21/11 regulatory compliant audit records of every action performed in the Cloud Connect software, including username, timestamp, and what was changed


Log records of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance performed on the robot


Log records of every charging event that occurred, including battery levels, rate of charge and time spent charging by each R2 robot

Regulatory Compliance

Designed to Operate in Regulated Industries
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Quasi Cloud Connect Software

Designed to operate in regulated Industries, our products are fully compliant with the latest FDA, NIST and other regulations.

It is validated to operate in highly regulated environments, such as CLIA, GLP and GMP environments.

Every action performed by a Robot is stored in a searchable, exportable audit log.

The movement history of a Robot is available as a visualization on a high-resolution, always accurate map of your Environment.

Fill trackability of all tasks performed by a single robot, or a team of robots is available in a searchable, easy-to-understand format, with actual visualization of environments with movement paths, charging stations, workspaces, and robots.

Cloud Connect robotic automation software shows charging events of AMR automation solutions on a plotted chart

Charging Strategy

Quasi delivers intelligent charging solutions, tailoring power delivery to the unique needs of both Model R2 robots and Model C2 carts.

Precision Optimized Charging (R2 Exclusive):

For Model R2 robots, charging becomes strategized between Charging Stations and your robot management system.

  • Predictive Re-Charge: Say goodbye to battery worries. R2 Charging Stations, informed by Cloud Connect data, precisely charge robots only when needed, extending battery life and minimizing unnecessary wear.
  • Autonomous Docking: No manual intervention required. R2 robots intuitively navigate to Charging Stations when low on power or upon task completion, ensuring constant operational readiness.

Informed Power Management

The Model C2 carts’ power management integrates seamlessly with your robotics software:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Gain complete visibility into Model C2 charging via Cloud Connect’s interactive map. Track location, charging status, and even battery health in real-time.
  • Intelligent Optimization Algorithms: The same sophisticated algorithms that analyze usage patterns and predict future needs for R2 robots work behind the scenes for C2, ensuring optimal battery health and longevity.