Technical Specifications – Model R2 Autonomous Robot

"Software comes from heaven when you have good hardware." - Ken Olsen

Complete technical features for the Model R2 AMR Robot:


Height: 64.57in (1640mm)

Width: 16.54in (420mm)

Weight no battery: 101.4lb (46kg)

Weight with battery: 121lb (55kg)

Navigation & Motion

Drivetrain: All-wheel drive

Steering: omnidirectional, mecanum

Camera: Stereo depth, 3D on a gimbal

LiDAR: Twin LiDAR system

Power and Battery

Removable, rechargeable NMC lithium-ion battery

Energy Stored (Wh): 1440 Watt-Hours

Weight: 18.85 lbs. (8.55 kg)

Fast-charge capable: Up to 50% charge in around 60 minutes

Operation: Up to 8 hours

Robotic Arm (Manipulator)

Degrees of freedom: 8

Arm reach, lowest: ground level, 0ft (0m)

Arm reach, highest: 6tf (1.8m)

Arm length, extended: 3ft (0.9m)

Lifting capacity (max, fully extended): 5.5lb (2.5kg)


Type: Mechanical

Design: Interchangeable


Size: 11.5‑inch (diagonal) LED matrix display

Brightness: ≥1,000cd/m2

Pixel pitch: 2mm

Resolution: 128 x 64

Viewing angle: 110 degrees (vertical/horizontal)

Audio & Microphone

Audio: Stereo speakers

Microphone: Stereo, directional


Wi‑Fi 6 (802.11ax)

Bluetooth 5.3

Pressure Sensor

RMS Noise:  0.12 Pa (equiv. to 1.7 cm)

Sensitivity Error:  ± 0.25 % (equiv. to 1 m at 400 m height change)

Temperature coefficient offset: ±1.3 Pa/K (equiv. to ±10.9 cm at 1°C temperature change)

Humidity Sensor

Response time (τ0-63%):      8 s

Accuracy tolerance:   ± 3 % relative humidity

Hysteresis:     ≤ 1.5 % relative humidity

Gas Sensor

F1 score for H₂S scanning:    0.94

Standard scan speed: 10.8 s / scan

Environmental Requirements

Operating ambient temperature:  32° to 95° F (0° to 40° C)

Nonoperating temperature: −4° to 113° F (−20° to 55° C)

Relative humidity: 5% to 75% (noncondensing)

Operating altitude: up to 10,000 feet (3000 m)


Emergency Stop button

Quasi AI Collision Detection


Country of Origin:      Made In the USA

Software Updates:     Over-the-air updates

Language support:     English

Available Options

Four color choices

Bigger HD battery

Barcode scanner

Precision manipulator

Gripper choices

Specialized air and gas analyzers

Additional Charging Stations

In the Box

R2 Robot with Quasi AI Version 1*

R2 Smart Charging Station


*All hardware is future ready for Quasi AI Level 2

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