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R2 Robotic Platform

Where a Simple, Reliable Hardware Meets Very Smart Software
Our R2 machine is much more than a simple robot. It is a flexible, customizable robotic platform with more and more customization options and capabilities to be available as the platform grows and develops.

Our R2 robots, are user-programmable and self-learning, capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.

Model R2 Robot, front view with arm folded
Model R2 Robot, front view mecanum wheels
Omni chart generated by Quasi AI


R2 robots are capable of omnidirectional movements thanks to the mecanum wheels design. These special wheels are capable of moving R2 robot to any direction instantaneously by the combination of independent wheel rotations.

Precision, high-torque wheel motors control each wheel independently and can propel R2 robot at a variety of speeds, ranging from a very slow crawl to up to 5mph sprints.

Tight-space maneuverer, spot turns and tiny position adjustments ensure that robot is in the best position near the Workspace to perform assigned Task as efficiently and safe as possible.

Model R2 Robot, front view mecanum wheels


R2 Robotic arm with 8 degrees of freedom and 3.2ft (1m) reach is ideal for performing tasks that require accuracy and precision to some heavy-duty tasks that requires more force. We use very sophisticated brushless servo motors (multi-phase, synchronous, permanent magnet, brushless, servo motors to be exact) to control and operate our robotic arm.

Our gearboxes are high-end harmonic reducers. Based on the strain-wave principle there is zero backlash and extraordinary precision for controlling each section of the arm from the software.

R2 Robotic Arm Design Principles:

  • Compactness and light weight
  • High gear ratios
  • Reconfigurable ratios
  • Good resolution and excellent repeatability
  • High torque capability

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R2 can serve many functions and can be equipped with custom end-of-arm tooling (end grippers/effectors). We’ve designed a variety of grippers for our R2 robots. From heavy duty to a high-precision operations grippers can pick a wide variety of objects from a variety of angles.

The high-precision gripper is ideally suited for such small objects as laboratory tube or a 96 well-plate, while a larger gripper is capable of grasping objects up to 3 – 3.2 inches in diameter (75-80mm) and lifting 4-5lb (2-3kg) loads at full arm length. That’s enough to pick and place a box of bottle of reagents, for example.

Additionally to mechanical grippers, we offer vacuum grippers for objects that can’t be picked otherwise.

Model R2 Robot - Gripper


R2 robots are equipped with stereo depth vision – an ability to see, measure, analyze, and respond to their environment and that opens a whole new world of possibilities!
Vison technology give R2 robots the ability to navigate Environments, avoid obstacles and recognize objects, people and more.
R2 robots stereo image sensing technologies use two cameras to calculate depth and enable R2 to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their Environment. Vision cameras work indoors in a wide variety of lighting conditions, from semi-dark to very bright, without the need for any calibration.
  • Image sensor technology: Global Shutter
  • Depth technology: Stereoscopic
  • RGB sensor technology: Global Shutter
  • Vision Processor: Intel Vision D4
Model R2 Robot working on a task


Our R2 robots are equipped with a variety of sensors to constantly monitor both internal state of the robot and environment around it.

Standard configuration include:


With integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors

Battery Sensor

To monitor internal battery state of charge, current and temperature

Proximity Sensors

To detect sudden obstacles along navigation path

Gas Sensors

To detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) and other gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the part per billion (ppb) range

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Sensors

Combine gyroscope with an accelerometer and compass to measures angular rate, force and magnetic field for real-time, precision navigation

Motors State Sensors

To measure temperature, voltage and power consumption for each servo motor of R2 robot

Touch Sensors

Our gripers are equipped with touch sensors to exactly measure the pressure needed to pick a specific item

All sensor data is processed by Quasi AI and uploaded for display in Cloud Connect. Historical data is kept in a permanent, read-only Audit Log alongside the timestamp and exact R2 robot position in the Environment map.

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