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Model R2 - AMR and Manipulator Arm Robot

Where Simple, Reliable Hardware Meets Very Smart Software

Model R2 isn’t just a machine; it’s a dynamic robotic platform, an ever-evolving, customizable foundation for intelligent automation tailored to your needs.

Custom Robots, Built Your Way:

  • With the R2 robot platform, customize your Quasi fleet with tools, sensors, and functions ideal for your unique workflow needs. 
  • Whether it’s a specialized gripper for delicate tasks or a custom suction attachment, the possibilities are endless.

User-Programmable Power:

  • Define complex action sequences with zero-code programming, freeing your workflow and staff from repetitive tasks and unlocking their full potential.
Model R2 Robot, front view with robotic manipulator arm folded neatly inward within hardware shell
Model R2 AMR Robot, front view of mecanum wheels powering the mobile robot platform
Omni chart generated by Quasi AI

Mechanum-Wheeled Robotic Platform

Model R2‘s mobile robot platform glides across workspaces with grace, with mecanum wheels that unlock a world of omnidirectional freedom.

  • Precision at Every Turn:

    High-torque motors power each wheel individually for pinpoint accuracy. Whether navigating a delicate assembly line or sprinting across a warehouse floor (at up to 5mph!)

  • Move Instantly in Any Direction:

    No limitations from fixed tracks or paths. R2 combines independent wheel rotations to navigate sideways, diagonally, or even spin, around obstacles and corners instantly.

Model R2 Robot, front view mecanum wheels

Adept Manipulator Robot Arm

The Model R2 robotic arm is versatile and precise with the strength to hold its own. It seamlessly shifts between tasks that require accuracy to heavier-duty tasks requiring force.

Powerhouse Performance:

  • 8 Degrees of Freedom, Endless Possibilities:

    8 degrees of freedom and a generous 3.2ft (1m) reach to navigate complex workspaces.

    Manipulate objects with surgical precision, and tackle any task with confidence.

  • Nimble Brute Force, Brushless Brilliance:

    R2‘s robotic arm partners seamlessly with other robots on your robotics platform. With sophisticated brushless servo motors, it delivers exceptional torque and control at an affordable robotic arm cost. 

  • Zero Backlash, Zero Worries:

    High-end harmonic reducers built on the strain-wave principle ensure unmatched precision. Each arm movement is fluid and controlled, without backlash for reliable, repeatable performance, task after task.

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A Gripper for Every Task

One-size-fits-all grippers limit your automation potential. The R2 isn’t confined to a single function; it’s a mobile robot platform brimming with versatility, and its adaptable grippers reflect that title — whether your team is full of robotics developers or scientist seeking robotic assistance.

  • Adaptability at Your Fingertips:

    The R2’s grippers are fully customizable, even giving mobile platform robot developers the freedom to create personalized end-of-arm tooling. This level of customization empowers automation possibilities beyond the ordinary.

  • From Delicate to Heavy Duty:

    Model R2 can handle objects both small and large. We’ve designed a variety of grippers, varying from high-precision vacuums, for individual tubes or 96-well plates, to larger attachments for grasping objects up to 3.2″ in diameter and lifting of up to 5lbs at full arm reach.

Model R2 Robot - Gripper

Vision: Seeing is Automating

R2 is equipped with stereo depth vision, a superpower that transforms its environment into possibilities for your custom robots and robotic platforms. From dimly lit warehouses to sun-drenched factories, R2‘s vision cameras adjust to a wide range of lighting conditions without any need for re-calibration. 

  • Learn and Grow:

    R2‘s vision constantly feeds its onboard intelligence, refining its understanding of the world and optimizing future actions.

    Accordingly, this allows R2 to distribute its newly-gained insights, improving the performance of every Quasi robot on the platform.

  • Recognize and Respond:

    The Model R2 doesn’t just see objects; it understands them. It identifies materials, items, tools, and even people. The R2 interacts with its environment dynamically to recognize specific items for handling or collaborating with human workers.

  • Customizable Power:

    High gear ratios, reconfigurable options, and focused precision repeatability make the R2’s manipulator a master of adaptation. Whether delicate tasks or assembly or heavy package handling, the arm’s capabilities can be tailored to your exact needs, unlocking the full potential of your custom robots.

Model R2 Robot working on a task


Our R2 robots are equipped with a variety of sensors to constantly monitor both internal state of the robot and environment around it.

Standard configuration include:


With integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors

Battery Sensor

To monitor internal battery state of charge, current and temperature

Proximity Sensors

To detect sudden obstacles along navigation path

Gas Sensors

To detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) and other gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the part per billion (ppb) range

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Sensors

Combine gyroscope with an accelerometer and compass to measures angular rate, force and magnetic field for real-time, precision navigation

Motors State Sensors

To measure temperature, voltage and power consumption for each servo motor of R2 robot

Touch Sensors

Our gripers are equipped with touch sensors to exactly measure the pressure needed to pick a specific item

All sensor data is processed by Qai and uploaded for display in Cloud Connect. Historical data is kept in a permanent, read-only Audit Log alongside the timestamp and exact R2 robot position in the Environment map.

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