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Route Planning

By combining inputs from sensors, cameras and LiDARs, we can precisely detect R2 robot position on the Environment map and calculate shortest, safest pathways between Workspaces.
Sketch of Quasi Robotics office

LiDAR Technology

Twin LiDARs continuously scan the environment in 360 degrees around the machine, enabling an accurate and high-precision navigation.

ToF Sensors

High-response time-of-flight sensors around the perimeter of R2 robot enable instant reaction to any obstacles along the movement path

Stereo Cameras

Gimble mounted stereo cameras enable estimation of the shape and size of objects in three-dimensional understanding of the surroundings

Model R2 Robot - full view in silver color

Robot Manipulator Arm

R2 can serve many functions and can be equipped with custom end-of-arm attachments, grippers, and effectors to be able to fulfill a wide variety of Tasks.

The robotic arm is attached to a car that travels vertically inside the R2 robot, allowing reaching objects from the ground level up all the way to six feet (1.8m).

  • Options: Heavy Duty or Precision
  • Degrees of Freedom: Eight
  • Control: Quasi AI Motion Planning, Grasp Detection
  • Gripper: Interchangeable, with pressure sensors
  • Lift Capability: Up to 6lb (2,7kg)
  • Arm Reach: From floor level to 6 feet (1.8 m)
  • Storage: When not in use, the arm neatly folds inside the robot
Model R2 Robot in diagnostics laboratory

AMR Robot Task Assignments

The highlight of the R2 Robotic Platform is the way Tasks are assigned to robots.

Just specify where in the Environment and the type of task to be performed. Quasi AI will do the rest:

  • Safely navigate the R2 robot to the exact Workspace where the Task needs to be performed
  • View the Workspace in 3D to identify Items and Objects of interest
  • Calculate all required trajectories and use a robotic arm and gripper to manipulate Items on the Workspace according to Task specifications
  • Create audit records in Cloud Connect detailing each step of the process and submit a final  report of the completed Task

Multiple ways to assign workloads for mobility robots

  • 1

    By specifying Workspaces and Item(s)

  • 2
    Task Templates

    Save common Tasks as Templates

  • 3
    Trigger Event

    Completion of other Task(s)

  • 4

    External API call / Bus message

Smart Charging Mobile Robots

Charging robots without interruptions to productivity was one of the most challenging tasks we have solved while working on R2 Robot and Quasi AI software.

  • We have started with the best high-capacity battery available – advanced NMC (Nickle Manganese Cobalt Oxide) Li-ion Chemistry which is superior to traditional Li-ion Batteries.
  • We have added an automatic battery protection module – a built-in battery management system (BMS) that keeps the battery running at peak performance and protects the cells for thousands of cycles, including over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and short-circuit protection.
We’ve designed our own Charging Stations – a compact docking station design that enables a place for R2 robots to “rest” and recharge. Fast charging enables charging up to 50% of the battery capacity in under 1 hour.

Our Quasi AI software both in the Cloud and onboard each robot, constantly monitors battery states in the entire robotic fleet and assigns new Tasks based on the best suitable robot available. Quasi AI automatically sends the R2 robot to its preferred Charging Station or the nearest available one and charges the battery based on the size of the Tasks queue, electricity cost and Task priorities.

All Charging Events, battery status, and electricity consumed is stored in a read-only permanent Audit Logs and available in dashboards and reports.

Model R2 Robot - top down view


The R2 Robotic Platform provides reliable automation that integrates with the broadest mix of Enterprise systems for many standard workflows and processes.
The R2 robots are ready to go to work in multiple industries, designed for easy integration with standard APIs, documentation, and the flexibility to handle different workflows and workspaces.

Cloud Connect software product integrates with a wide range of commercial and in-house developed software systems, like ERP, LIMS, LIS, and other systems to automate your entire or parts of your workflows.

We support integrations via the industries most common interfaces, including gRPC, Enterprise Message Bus, AWS SQS/SMS and others.

Technical Specifications of Model R2 Mobility Robots

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Tasks & Templates: Blueprints for Robotic Automation

(R2 Exclusive)

Task Templates in Cloud Connect serve as the foundation for building a seamless workflow for your Model R2 robots, through a centralized robotics cloud.

These templates allow users and administrators to effortlessly create and save reusable sets of directions for the robots to follow, streamlining task creation and maximizing efficiency. Experience the future of cloud robotics and elevate your automation possibilities to new heights!

How It Works:

  • Design Once, Deploy Seamlessly:
    Once created a template for a Model R2 task is created, it’s instantly saved for future use.

    For example: let’s say you’ve crafted a template for R2 to pick up an object from a designated workspace and deliver it to another.

    You can now instantly generate similar tasks with just a few clicks, eliminating repetitive setup, and the template populates across your entire R2 fleet, so all robots immediately share the ability.

  • Quasi AI in the Cloud Takes the Wheel: 
    Qai seamlessly integrates with Cloud Connect, handling task prioritization and assignment with optimal efficiency. You focus on the big picture, while your robotic workforce executes with precision.

Tasks: created within Cloud Connect, represent the specific jobs and actions assigned to R2 robots. They are designed to:

  • Engineered for Versatility: There are no limits to the number of tasks you can create, with extensive capabilities of R2 engineering and Cloud Connect robotic software.
  • Orchestrate Robotic Work: Define what tasks the robots will perform, which objects they’ll interact with, and where the tasks will take place within designated Environments.
  • Prioritize Effortlessly: Assign priority levels (low, normal, high) to ensure critical tasks take precedence.
  • Unleash Intelligent Self-Scheduling: R2 robots leverage Qai‘s intelligence to autonomously determine the most efficient task order and execution, maximizing productivity.