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How can your industry benefit from R2 Robots?


R2 Robots are Ready to Go to Work in Multiple Industries
Our Approach to Robotics
At Quasi Robotics we design universal, multifunctional machines that can work in a variety of industries.

With such capabilities as autonomous navigation, robotic arm with 8 degrees of motion, up to 8 hours battery life and a friendly control software - R2 robots are the ultimate machines for your business.

We have carefully selected which industries we want to focus on first.

Life Science

Proper Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines
Intelligent Robots of Tomorrow
We are pleased to offer R2 robots to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research companies. Whether you are a clinical, pre-clinical, biobank or scientific laboratory – there is an R2 Robot for you.
Steps to modern automation of Life Science workflows
It is no secret that robotics and automation have been working behind the scenes at life science facilities for over 20 years now. In fact, from automatic robotic specimen storage to some very sophisticated medical instruments - Life Science is one of the most automated industries out there. Using our robotics solution, we plan to take it a step further.
Go Further with R2 Robots
Another way our team utilizes robots using Quasi AI is through experiments. Our autonomous robots could be used to perform experiments that require precise movements or the handling of small objects. This could allow researchers to conduct experiments in a more efficient and accurate manner.

R2 autonomous mobile robots with flexible robotic arm have the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and safety of many tasks in Life Science companies and to enable researchers to focus on more complex tasks that require their expertise and judgment.

Model R2 Robot in Life Science Laboratory
R2 Robots are flexible and versatile and can perform multiple functions.

Health Care

Creating Safe and Healthy Environments
Through the use of our autonomous mobile robots, we can reduce the spread of contagious diseases, automate specimen delivery, and reduce the burden of overstressed workers in hospital settings.
With R2 robots valued healthcare workers can focus on more critical aspects of caring for their patients. Quasi Robotics wants to ensure that healthcare workers strictly concentrate on managing and providing for their patients with the one way humans do their best: through communication and empathy, while our robotics take care of the minuscule tedious tasks that robots can conquer.
What are the long-term benefits? Reduced labor costs, no more overworked employees, safe environments, better and improved patient experience, and many more advantages.
R2 robots would free up human doctors and nurses to do what they do best: problem-solving and being empathetic with patients, skills that robots may never be able to replicate.
Nurse caring about the patient
Model R2 AMR Robot in Hospital or Healthcare Facility


Improvement In Education
R2 Robots with our smart Quasi AI - our autonomous mobile robot technology, can be used in various ways in research and educational settings, such as tutoring, data collection, collaborative learning, emotion detection, and accessibility. Further, students with skills in robotics and smart AI can assist startup companies in R&D, prototyping, testing and evaluation, data analysis, market analysis, user testing, and technical documentation.
When students can design automation workflows and not be focused on programming, they can make valuable contributions to any company by optimizing existing processes, aligning workflows with business objectives, managing projects, improving user experience, and communicating effectively.
Learn more about Quasi AI on R2 Robot
  • Extend R2 Robot functionality with new applications by identifying areas where a new application is needed and then working with developers and other experts to bring it to fruition.

  • Extend Quasi AI software via APIs and extension point to create new applications by identifying a need in the field, developing a new prototype, conducting market research, creating a new and never envisioned automation plan, or testing and validation. Plus, the students are working on team building!


Highlighting Customer Service and Security
More picking, less walking, lower cycle times
Our R2 robots can be used in retail stores for inventory management, customer service, loss prevention, cleaning, deliveries, and stock room management to improve efficiency, customer service, and security. Our robots can be customized according to the specific requirements of the store, integrating with their existing systems and workflows.

Our robots are equipped with stereo cameras that can be used to detect and collect trash in the store, such as in high-traffic areas or in hard-to-reach places; this can improve store cleanliness and help to keep the store looking tidy and well-maintained.

R2 Robot in Giant Food Store
Stocked shelves in grocery store
  • Our robots can be programmed to restock items on store shelves by detecting when stock levels are low and automatically bringing products from the back room or warehouse to the sales floor. This can help to ensure that products are always available to customers and reduce manual labor.

  • Our robots can be equipped with barcode scanners to read and log item information, making sure that the right items are in the right place at the right time.

  • R2 Robot Workspaces can also be configured according to the layout of the store, allowing them to navigate the aisles and shelves efficiently.

  • We offer cost-efficient entry with little or no infrastructure impact.

Homeland Security

Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL 3) and Level 4 (BSL 4) Laboratories
Biosafety level signs
R2 Robots, paired with our AI software, can help perform tasks not ideal for humans, including handling hazardous materials or working in areas with high contamination levels.

The world was unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, making recovery a protracted process. We have developed an effective use of robotics to play a vital role in mitigating infection risks and restoring normal social and economic activities, either at a regional or a global scale.

Through the use of our robotic arm and flexible gripper, our robots could be used to transfer materials between containers safely or to move materials to and from storage areas. This could help to minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous materials for lab personnel.

Other Industries

R2 Robots Paired with Quasi AI Multiply Productivity
Law Enforcement
R2 Robots could be used in evidence rooms to improve inventory management, retrieval and delivery, security, preservation of evidence, and automating routine tasks.

Our AMRs can be used to retrieve evidence items from storage and deliver them to the appropriate location, such as a laboratory for analysis or a courtroom for trial, thus reducing the need for human intervention.

Our R2 Robots (when equipped with 360 degree cameras) can also be used to enhance security in evidence rooms by monitoring the environment for unusual activity and alerting security personnel if necessary. They can also be used to create an audit trail of who enters and exits the room and when.

Eliminate unproductive waiting and and unnecessary walking time, making work easier and faster. R2 Robots extend human workers abilities, speeding up orders, lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.

The existing Management System Software (MSS) feeds Tasks to R2 Robots, and the digital mapping, sensors, cameras and embedded safety mechanisms provide all the information they need to operate.

The need for dynamic mobility continues to grow in many production and warehousing environments. R2 Robots are available to take the finished product from the line space and deliver it to the required locations. Quasi Robotics takes pride in our robotics not needing external guidelines or other elements. In addition, we offer the flexibility of autonomous mobility between multiple workstations.
Elderly Homes
We are living much longer than previous generations, and as we approach the end of life, we are dying in a different and slower way - from conditions like dementia, heart failure and osteoporosis. It is also a phase of life that is often plagued by loneliness. Upcoming Q3 Robots are set to revolutionize end of life care, helping people to remain independent for longer, reducing the need for hospitalization in care homes.

Quasi AI combined with the advancements in robotic design enables our robots to go even further and have ‘conversations’ and other social interactions with people to keep aging minds sharp.

Model R2 Robot in Health Care Center

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