Intelligent Robots
to Better the World

Our robotics company builds intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with connectivity at their core.

Transform your workflows with the Qai Automation Platform: adaptable AMRs, ever-progressing AI, and intuitive user control software.

R2 and C2 Models shown together

The All-New
Integrated Automation Platform

Are manual tasks bogging down your operations and dragging down efficiency?

Quasi Robots + Qai + Cloud Connect

A unique synergy of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and adaptable intelligence that seamlessly navigate your workflows, anticipate your needs, and adapt to your environment. Reliable, traceable, integrable robotic process automation service.

Model R2 & Model C2

Unleash efficiency with Quasi’s
Model R2 and Model C2 robots.

Designed for intelligent collaboration, they seamlessly adapt to diverse tasks and environments to address efficiency, precision, and flexibility.

Qai Intelligence

Qai Intelligence empowers the potential of each automation robot.

Proprietary algorithms enable our solutions to learn, anticipate, and adapt from experience, for real-time obstacle avoidance, decisions, and optimization.

Cloud Connect

Deep dive into robot performance with the intuitive Cloud Connect interface.

Track progress, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions for your entire fleet of industrial automation robotics – all powered by data.

Next Level Robotic Automation Company

We see a world where robots are everywhere — helping humans alleviate boring, repetitive, and dangerous tasks. Our robotics company is driven by our passion for technology and our instinct for innovation, we aim to bring smart, safe, reliable industrial automation robotics to every business in the world

Elevate Your Logistics
with Custom Automation Robots

Quasi brings intelligent automation to your facility with two customizable robots built for specific logistics needs: the Model R2 and the Model C2. While the R2 tackles diverse manipulation tasks with its dexterous arm and autonomous mobility, the C2 streamlines material flow with its intelligent navigation and transport capabilities.

Together, they unlock a future of optimized workflows, enhanced productivity, and unparalleled efficiency ready to transform your logistics landscape.

Model R2

Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot

Model R2 Robot

Limitless Reach and Precision

Unlock unprecedented flexibility with our mobile pick-and-place robot. R2 handles diverse objects with laser-like precision, learns new tasks with ease, and collaborates seamlessly with your existing industrial automation robotics.

Model C2

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Transport

Model C2 Cart side view

Effortless Flow, End-to-End

Revolutionize your end-to-end material flow with our intelligent Model C2 cart. It navigates complex environments and handles diverse payloads, optimizing material delivery while integrating with existing systems for maximum efficiency.

  • 8-axis robotic arm, mounted on an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) base for precision manipulation across any distance
  • 360-degree rotation via mecanum wheels capable of on-the-spot turns and tight-space maneuvers
  • ±0.5 mm repeatability metric to provide consistent accuracy in every task
  • 3 loading shelves with customizable organization and security attachments to fit any facility use-case
  • 30-min deployment for instant autonomy that requires no staff training to operate thanks to intuitive touch-screen interface controls
  • 16 hours of transportation per charge, allowing all-day workflow deliveries without downtime for re-charging

Discover Model R2:

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Discover Model C2:

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Integrated and Centralized Intelligence

With Quasi AI (Qai), our robotic process automation service becomes one central system that houses the full range of robotic competencies for our machines — including control, monitoring, navigation, safety, integration, and reporting.


Qai enables our robots to navigate and map unfamiliar environments independently, while avoiding obstacles and calculating optimal manipulator motion without preprogramming, infrastructure modification, or human guidance.


Qai ensures accountability by maintaining audit reports of each robotic action. Collected data is analyzed and displayed via interactive dashboard charts, accessible in the Cloud Connect user hub for view and export.


Our robots gain enhanced intelligence and teamwork capabilities when set up with Quasi Cloud Connect or other Quasi products. Our machines easily integrate with any existing system, process, or interface, commercial or in-house.

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Model C2 Automated Cart offering robotics delivery in hospital setting
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Professional Automation Robots for Various Industries

Whether you envision robotic process automation in healthcare, tireless warehouse robots, or a future yet to be imagined, the Quasi robotics company is your catalyst for transformation. We navigate the complexities of your industry to create custom-engineered solutions that elevate productivity, enhance precision, and empower your workforce. Step into a world where automation knows no boundaries.

HD Battery

R2 will allow for 8+ hours of continues operation

Charging Stations

We offer Charging Stations designed specifically for C2 and R2 Robots for fast, efficient charging

Interchangeable Grippers

To handle a wide variety of Items we offer various gripper options for small, medium and large Items

Integrated Barcode Scanner

For accurate inventory tracking and Items identification

We offer variety of options to enhance functionality of our robots

R2 Robots and C2 Carts can be customized for more specific, custom Tasks. Different grippers, manipulators, cameras, and sensors are available at the time of order or can be added later
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