R2 Robot – Cloud Connect

Control R2 Robot or a fleet of Robots in your entire organization from a web browser or mobile app


Cloud Connect is our centralized service for our clients to configure and operate a fleet of robots from anywhere in the world.
The most common features include easy Task assignments, standard Task Templates, and a full suite of performance dashboards, reports, and audit records.


Monitor every aspect of an individual robot or a fleet of robots. Charts include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly displays of the most relevant characteristics of robotic operations.
  • Tasks Monitoring – Instantly see trends in robot performance for all completed, failed or pending tasks.
  • Time Allocations – Task statistics and how much time was spent working, charging, or idling.
  • Other – Many additional dashboards to see the frequency of charging events, traveled distances and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requests.

Task Templates

Save most common Tasks as a template for fast scheduling of new work. All it takes is a few clicks to create a new work assignment.

Go further with our wireless Smart Button accessory – create new Tasks from templates with a simple click of a button.

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A variety of Productivity and Utilization reports are available to export current and historical data into popular CSV or Excel formats. Cloud Connect offers reports for all aspects of the robot lifecycle - Tasks, Movements, Charging, Productivity Report and Maintenance Report:
Cloud Connect with Cost Module enabled

Cost Module

Part of Cloud Connect reporting is a Cost Module, allowing precise cost calculations of every aspect of owning R2 robots.
  • Are you getting the most out of your machines?
  • Is your investment in robotics genuinely paying off?
We track and calculate the cost of charging, the cost of traveled distance, the cost of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, plus the cost and benefits of performing a single task or series of workflows.


Access various historical audit records for full traceability and regulatory compliance.
Cloud Connect shows charing log for all Model R2 Robots

Log all details and steps of a robot performing a single Task


Log internal proprioception data of a robot, such as motor states, temperatures, currents and voltages


Log full history of robot movements in the Environment, including maps and trajectory visualizations


Log full CFR 21/11 regulatory compliant audit records of every action performed in the Cloud Connect software, including username, timestamp, and what was changed


Log records of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance performed on the robot


Log records of every charging event that occurred, including battery levels, rate of charge and time spent charging by each R2 robot

Regulatory Compliance

Designed to Operate in Regulated Industries
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Quasi Cloud Connect Software

Designed to operate in regulated Industries, our products are fully compliant with the latest FDA, NIST and other regulations.

It is validated to operate in highly regulated environments, such as CLIA, GLP and GMP environments.

Every action performed by a Robot is stored in a searchable, exportable audit log.

The movement history of a Robot is available as a visualization on a high-resolution, always accurate map of your Environment.

Fill trackability of all tasks performed by a single robot, or a team of robots is available in a searchable, easy-to-understand format, with actual visualization of environments with movement paths, charging stations, workspaces, and robots.

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