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Cloud Connect Mobile

Our touchscreen, tablet-based app makes the fleet of R2's easy to manage, with no expertise required
Cloud Connect on a mobile tablet is our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software to automate operational processes that were previously carried out manually.

Robot Programming

Here comes the best part! No programming. None. Not via drag and drop of blocks in the UI, not via script, not manually via moving robot, arm, or gripper.

Thanks to some very sophisticated Quasi AI algorithms, our R2 robots can follow general instructions autonomously. R2 robot can navigate and move  in the Environment independently, in service of its Tasks. Once an appropriate Task is given in Cloud Connect, the R2 robot acts without further human guidance, reaching assigned Workspace to complete the Task. Once completed, the R2 robot is ready to take on the next Task.

Cloud Connect Specifications:

  • Unlimited Environments (rooms, warehouses, etc.) for your business
  • Unlimited number of Workspaces and Charging Stations per Environment
  • Unlimited number of R2 Robots per Environment
  • Unlimited number of recognizable Items and Task variations

*Mobile app is available on Apple AppStore and Google Play marketplace

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Traceability is critically important in autonomous robotic applications. Being able to go back in time and view everything that was done by a single machine or by the user of the machine is one of the foundations of Cloud Connect.

On the mobile tablet, users are able to access all historical audit records, view “work-in-progress” photos taken by a robot at all stages of operation, and export them to external corporate software.

Most common features:

  • Access a variety of historical audit records for full traceability and regulatory
  • View the history of all Task assignments created by humans or automatically
  • View images that were automatically captured by R2 robots during all stages of working on a Task and stored alongside individual audit records
  • Access records of all robot movements and visualize them on the environment map.

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Dashboards are the central hub for Cloud Connect. An easy to understand 2-row layout consisting of large square buttons that shows a generalized overview of everything you need to know at a glance.

Each button links to its respective section, where more information can be viewed. Below the rows are composed of several sophisticated interactive charts that allow you to view a timeline of certain events, such as how many tasks were completed, Time allocation, distance moved, and more.


Reporting allows a user to see data from a specific robot(s) time frame in a more detailed view in the form of an Excel or CSV file that is locally downloaded to your computer. Data includes a variety of options, such as tasks completed, productivity, charging, maintenance, and accounting.

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As the R2 robot traverses the environments and spends time in its assigned workspace, it creates an internal map using its LIDARs located on the base and cameras on top. That map can be viewed in Cloud Connect under each robot’s environment, giving you a quick sense of where R2 has been and what it sees and understands.

With time, as objects around that workspace are moved, the interactive map will also be updated to show those changes and can be viewed by any Cloud Connect users at a glance.

Manual Mode

Say for a moment that a large delivery has just arrived at your office and temporarily blocks the R2’s workspace. Instead of removing the Task within the mobile version, a user can take manual control of the R2 robot to override its current Tasks. Using simple and easy-to-understand joystick controls, a user can manually control the R2 to move it to another location to be held idly until it can continue its Tasks. Another reason to take manual control would be to see the extent of its movement, motions, and speed, letting you get an early idea if the R2 is able to complete a specific Task before it is created.

Even in the manual mode Quasi AI on the robot will take care of all collisions and make sure the R2 robot can avoid obstacles and will not cause unintentional harm. Additionally, Quasi AI controls all motors to ensure exceptionally smooth movements of the robot, with graceful acceleration, steering, and breaking.

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