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Cloud Connect is our set of software technologies to get the most out of robotic automation

Quasi Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect welcome screen for Client Portal
Cloud Connect service is a user hub that connects and communicates with the fleet of R2 robots to monitor and create Tasks that the robots can complete.

Client administrators can define workflows, specify tasks, assign work environments, and more.Then, as the robot robot completes those tasks, it sends encrypted data to Cloud Connect, and on the user's side, they can monitor the robot's performance and view a variety of precise statistics and the robot's health.

Later, all the data can be exported into an Excel or CSV file to review and store locally. The Cloud Connect hub lets you control your entire R2 fleet, ready to boost your workforce efficiency.


Within the robots tab of Cloud Connect, users can view all the robots within your company at a glance.

Quickly being able to add new Tasks, assign them to new Environments, Workplaces, and see valuable statistics on how the robot is performing.

Furthermore, you are able to see which tasks each robot is currently assigned to, their status, and their location on an interactive map.

Cloud Connect shows Model R2 Robot default view


Environments can be seen as large individual rooms or a series of rooms within which the R2 robot can travel. Beyond just being a room, this is the heart of where the R2 robot can understand where it needs to be and go. As the R2 robot navigates through each environment, it creates an interactive map where users can view and define workspaces where the robot can move and work.

In the environments tab, users have access to an overview of all the robots assigned to the specific environment, all of the workspaces and charging stations set up in the environment, tasks that have been completed, and full audit logs of all actions performed by each R2 robot.

Cloud Connect shows detailed Environment info


Cloud Connect shows detailed workspace info
Workspaces are the individual areas of the environment with which the robot can work in. These workspaces can be any large object that can not be moved, such as a table, a closed cabinet, a shelf, or a drawer. They can be more generic such as smaller rooms within a much larger space, say a closet or an elevator that may be found on a large main floor of an office.

Quasi Robotics is deeply committed to safety; every R2 robot is equipped with object avoidance when in motion or working. It is also equipped with an emergency STOP button that can be pressed in the event of an emergency.


The R2 Charging Station is a convenient and reliable way to keep the R2 robot charged and ready to go. One of the great things about our charging stations is their ability to extend the life of the internal lithium battery of the R2, as the charger communicates with Cloud Connect, knowing when the R2 robot is scheduled to work, only topping off the battery in the last few minutes before its deployment.

Charging Stations can be placed in any Environment, and the robot will seek it out automatically when its battery becomes depleted, or it has completed all assigned Tasks. In addition, users can view the charging station on Cloud Connect, see their location on the map, and view which robot has used it.

Cloud Connect shows charging events charts

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Tasks & Templates

Task templates are a foundation on which users and administrators can create directions for the robot to follow.
For example, a user could create a template where the R2 robot picks up an object from a specific workplace set up prior, and moves it to another workplace, all with just a few clicks. Then that template can be saved and used later to create similar tasks quickly without the hassle of setting things up. Quasi AI in the Cloud takes care of specific robot assignments, maximizing efficiency.
Tasks are jobs and actions that the R2 robot can be assigned and created at the user level. In Cloud Connect, tasks are designed for two primary reasons: to create work for the R2 robot and to keep track and prioritize which jobs are more important. When creating a new task, users can select from the previously mentioned task template to specify what type of job the robot will be performing and which objects it will be interacting with and then assign it to one or several workplaces within its selected environment, followed by a priority rating of the task: low, normal or high.

The R2 robot is intelligent enough to understand and self-schedule which and when tasks need to be accomplished in which order and in the most efficient way. Beyond that, a fleet of R2 robots can be assigned to work on a more difficult task, working seamlessly together*.

The R2 Robot is a versatile machine that can move omnidirectionally and has a stabilized 8-axis arm that can reach any position or height in front of the robot. Equipped with a stereo camera and able to understand depth, the R2 robot can distinguish individual items from each other; there are no limits to the number of tasks that can be created.

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*Quasi AI Level 2 required for team work of R2 robot fleet