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Cloud Connect:
Cloud Robotic Software Control Hub

Making Robots is Easy, Making Useful Robots is Hard

Cloud Connect welcome screen for Client Portal

Qai-Enabled Robotics Cloud for Central Control and Visibility

The Cloud Connect interface is your central hub for control, management, and analytics of your entire Quasi fleet. With user-friendly robotic software, you gain access to complete oversight, empowering you to:

  • Connect and Communicate: Seamlessly link together and interact with your entire R2 and C2 fleet in real-time.
  • Monitor robot activity: Track individual robot movements and performance within designated environments.
  • Create and assign tasks: Define workflows, specify tasks, and assign them to specific robots with just a few clicks.
  • Gain data-driven insights: Access a wealth of precise statistics on robot performance, health, and task completion.
  • Export data for further analysis: Download robot data into Excel or CSV formats for deeper analysis and record keeping.

Robot Management System

The Robots tab in Cloud Connect transforms into your mission control center. Here, you command and optimize your R2 fleet with ease.

At a Glance:

  • Fleet Visibility: View all your company’s C2 and R2 robots instantly, their status, and current locations on an interactive map.
  • Effortless Task Management: Quickly assign new tasks, specify environments and workplaces, and monitor progress effortlessly.

Deep Dive into Performance:

  • Real-time Insights: Access valuable statistics on individual robot performance, including task completion rates, uptime, and resource utilization.
  • Granular Task Tracking: See which tasks each robot is currently tackling, their progress, and any potential hurdles.
  • Proactive Troubleshooting: Identify performance anomalies and address potential issues before they impact productivity.
Cloud Connect shows Model R2 Robot default view
Cloud Connect shows detailed Environment info


Environments in Cloud Connect are the spaces in which Quasi robots can execute their assigned tasks. This can be your facility, floor, lab, office — anywhere your robots will navigate while working. It’s your canvas for choreographing your robotic workforce.

Interactive Map Creation:

  • Define Workspaces: Precisely designate areas where robots can move and perform tasks, tailoring each Environment to your specific needs.
  • Plot the Course: Visually plan and optimize robot movements within Workspaces, minimizing wasted time and maximizing efficiency.

Data-Driven Traceability:

  • Comprehensive Audit Logs: Access a detailed log of every action performed by each robot within an Environment, fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Monitor Robots: Track all robots operating within each Environment, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  • Task Completion Overview: Gain a clear picture of completed tasks within each Environment, evaluating robot performance and optimizing workflows.


(R2 Exclusive)

Workspaces are the designated zones within Environments where your R2 robot gets down to business. These are the specific areas, like tables, shelves, cabinets, or even smaller rooms, where your robot performs its assigned tasks.

Direct Efforts to the Right Place:

  • Streamlined Workflows: By defining clear work zones, you optimize robot movements and minimize wasted time, boosting overall workflow efficiency.
  • Precision Tasks: Confined Workspaces ensure your R2 robot concentrates its efforts on specific areas, leading to higher precision and reduced risk of errors.

Efficiency with Tailored Terrain:

  • Define the Boundaries: Easily customize Workspaces to fit your workflow’s specific needs, ensuring focused operation and optimizing robot efficiency.
  • Go Big or Go Small: Workspaces can be as intricate as a closed drawer or as expansive as a smaller room within a large Environment. The flexibility is yours!
Cloud Connect shows detailed workspace info
Cloud Connect shows charging events charts

Charging Strategy

Quasi delivers intelligent charging solutions, tailoring power delivery to the unique needs of both Model R2 robots and Model C2 carts.

Precision Optimized Charging (R2 Exclusive):

For Model R2 robots, charging becomes strategized between Charging Stations and your robot management system.

  • Predictive Re-Charge: Say goodbye to battery worries. R2 Charging Stations, informed by Cloud Connect data, precisely charge robots only when needed, extending battery life and minimizing unnecessary wear.
  • Autonomous Docking: No manual intervention required. R2 robots intuitively navigate to Charging Stations when low on power or upon task completion, ensuring constant operational readiness.

Informed Power Management

The Model C2 carts’ power management integrates seamlessly with your robotics software:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Gain complete visibility into Model C2 charging via Cloud Connect’s interactive map. Track location, charging status, and even battery health in real-time.
  • Intelligent Optimization Algorithms: The same sophisticated algorithms that analyze usage patterns and predict future needs for R2 robots work behind the scenes for C2, ensuring optimal battery health and longevity.

Learn More About Charging for Quasi Robotics

Curious about the technical wizardry behind Model R2‘s intelligent charging? Dive deeper into:

  • Battery Optimization Algorithms: Discover how sophisticated algorithms analyze robot usage patterns and predict future needs, ensuring optimal battery health and longevity.
  • Charging Station Communication: Learn how the Charging Station communicates with Cloud Connect and your robotics software, orchestrating precise top-ups and optimizing charging schedules.
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Tasks & Templates: Blueprints for Robotic Automation

(R2 Exclusive)

Task Templates in Cloud Connect serve as the foundation for building a seamless workflow for your Model R2 robots, through a centralized robotics cloud.

These templates allow users and administrators to effortlessly create and save reusable sets of directions for the robots to follow, streamlining task creation and maximizing efficiency. Experience the future of cloud robotics and elevate your automation possibilities to new heights!

How It Works:

  • Design Once, Deploy Seamlessly:
    Once created a template for a Model R2 task is created, it’s instantly saved for future use.

    For example: let’s say you’ve crafted a template for R2 to pick up an object from a designated workspace and deliver it to another.

    You can now instantly generate similar tasks with just a few clicks, eliminating repetitive setup, and the template populates across your entire R2 fleet, so all robots immediately share the ability.

  • Quasi AI in the Cloud Takes the Wheel: 
    Qai seamlessly integrates with Cloud Connect, handling task prioritization and assignment with optimal efficiency. You focus on the big picture, while your robotic workforce executes with precision.

Tasks: created within Cloud Connect, represent the specific jobs and actions assigned to R2 robots. They are designed to:

  • Engineered for Versatility: There are no limits to the number of tasks you can create, with extensive capabilities of R2 engineering and Cloud Connect robotic software.
  • Orchestrate Robotic Work: Define what tasks the robots will perform, which objects they’ll interact with, and where the tasks will take place within designated Environments.
  • Prioritize Effortlessly: Assign priority levels (low, normal, high) to ensure critical tasks take precedence.
  • Unleash Intelligent Self-Scheduling: R2 robots leverage Qai‘s intelligence to autonomously determine the most efficient task order and execution, maximizing productivity.
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*Quasi AI Level 2 required for team work of R2 robot fleet